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EvenGreener & GetComposting.

For over 20 years, EvenGreener has helped companies and individuals go green by turning waste into products. Known as a leader in waste management containers, the award-winning brand manufactures all of its own products at its Yorkshire factory. Covering recycling, composting, and water-saving, the range includes everything from water butts and tanks to compost bins and food waste solutions at affordable prices. Alongside EvenGreener, GetComposting supplies its products to households via partnerships with local councils.
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The challenge

Zero waste: maximising the power of Shopify Plus for DTC and B2B.

“EvenGreener and GetComposting had both undergone rebranding. As such, they wanted to elevate themselves above the typical gardening/recycling offer with beautiful and engaging new eCommerce sites,” says Scott MacDonald, Client Services Director at blubolt. “Their ambition was not only to sell their range of high-quality products but also to demonstrate how these products can help customers live more sustainably.” Armed with this brief, blubolt migrated consumer-facing EvenGreener and B2B GetComposting from SanaCommerce to Shopify Plus.

The solution

Creating multi-brand, multi-store architecture on Shopify.

For this project, the blubolt team embraced multi-brand, multi-store architecture for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This involved one master theme used for multiple brands that all sit under one parent company, so in this case, the blubolt team delivered one finely tuned master theme for parent company IPL Global. This was then tailored and rolled out to the DTC brand and the B2B brand If IPL Global wishes to add new individual brand stores over time, blubolt can add these using the master theme and make updates to tailor it to the brand.

“blubolt’s design team has done a fantastic job by translating our vision into reality. In only three months after launch, we have already observed a shift in brand perception. Redesigning our websites alongside the change in our brand message helped us to tap into a new market centred around eco-living,” says Marta Palczewska, eCommerce Marketing & Sales Manager at IPL. “We had some pretty ambitious goals for both websites – besides introducing innovative features, GetComposting needed an out-of-the-box solution. blubolt’s talented developers were excited about the challenge and found creative ways to migrate us to Shopify. We will never look back."

A bold bespoke theme with impactful images & videography.

“To elevate both the DTC and B2B sites, we took inspiration from high-end fashion brands to create a bold statement with our theme design,” says Matt Richards, Head of Design at blubolt. “With our design, we also conveyed how easy it is to build a sustainable lifestyle using the brands' products through impactful videography, imagery and informational graphics.” To fulfil the brief of educating users on the purpose and usage of products, the blubolt team also incorporated clever placement of informational tags, product USPs and fact sheets into the design.”

Sustainable features & functionality.

“Built with Shopify’s Online Store 2.0, the EvenGreener team can easily customise the site in-house,” says Tom Bellew, Senior Developer at blubolt. “We also took care throughout the site to fulfil EvenGreener’s brief of first establishing the customer’s problem and then offering the solutions. For example, on the composting collection page, we provided a toolbar of filters with the most popular options, advert blocks for relevant content (in this case, it offers a beginner guide to composting), and a quick view of the product details when hovering over a product image.”

The team also added Bundle & Save functionality so customers can both save money and the planet by purchasing discounted climate-saving products. Tech partners for the project include Boost Commerce, Yotpo, Shogun and Gorgias.

Seeing is believing: showcasing products in 3D.

“When buying larger products for the home, customers need to know if it will fit comfortably,” says Matt Richards, Head of Design at blubolt. “This was the impetus for showing products in 3D on mobile. On product pages, customers simply click on the ‘See it in 3D’ button to rotate the product image every which way. From there, by clicking ‘View in your space’, they can view the product (overlaid to scale) in their home. By clearly showing product dimensions in a user-friendly way, we’ve given customers the confidence to purchase.”

Increase in revenue
Increase in conversion
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The summary

You’ll be green with envy: check out EvenGreener & GetComposting on Shopify Plus.

With a gorgeous and engaging design that’s fun and educational for customers, it is a mission accomplished for EvenGreener and GetComposting in terms of helping DTC and B2B customers live more sustainably.

Are you juggling multiple brand websites under one parent company? A multi-brand, multi-store set-up on Shopify Plus may be an effective and cost-efficient solution for you. Find more information and inspiration on our other multi-brand, multi-store projects here. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your project requirements. We're happy to help!

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