We’re in good spirits following a new website launch: Adnams Southwold is live on Shopify Plus.

Life's a beach for Adnams with their new Shopify Plus site.

Adnams Southwold: about the brand.

Adnams Southwold has been brewers, distillers, wine merchants, retailers, publicans, and hoteliers for 150 years. Impressively, the brand has retained its independent spirit and curiosity. Always looking to innovate, and with a genuine passion for caring for the environment and local communities, Adnam’s award-winning beers and spirits are also sustainably produced.

Feeling refreshed on Shopify Plus.

“The Adnams Southwold team wanted a distinctive bespoke theme design with top-drawer UX, a subscription option, and a third party loyalty programme,” says Ruth Churchman, Account Manager at blubolt. “Another objective was for the new site to act as a hub for the entire Adnams Southwold brand.” With this in mind, the blubolt team delivered a migration to Shopify Plus. As a result, the brand has ticked off its wishlist and secured a highly scalable foundation for growth and greater in-house control of the site.

Quench your thirst on the new Adnams site.

Craft Brew: a distinctive and bespoke theme design.

“Adnams Southwold completed a rebrand prior to starting the replatforming so applied this to the new Shopify Plus site design,” says Matt Richards, Head of Design at blubolt. “As such, we delivered a fresh, streamlined and sophisticated look with a bespoke Shopify Plus theme.” Built on Shopify’s new Online Store 2.0, the blubolt team utilised the ‘sections everywhere’ functionality over 20 times for maximum flexibility. As a result, the new website elevates the brand and widens its appeal in the marketplace.

Maximising multi-channel.

As a multi-channel retailer, the Adnams Southwold website is a hub for the whole brand. Consequently, the new Shopify Plus site had to incorporate everything from events, experiences, and accommodation to trade and eCommerce. “This is reflected on the homepage which provides an overview of the whole business rather than being ecommerce first, '' says Hugo Burguete, Senior Frontend Developer at blubolt. “For example, the “Keep Exploring Adnams” slider and the large hero banner that the brand can fully customise in-house to feature different areas of the business.”

Bottoms up: the new Adnams homepage.

eCommerce with in-house control & flexibility.

The Shop page is essentially the eCommerce homepage for the brand. Again utilising ‘sections everywhere’ the blubolt team enabled as many settings as possible to give Adnams more in-house control. As a result, Adnams can easily change icons above text, colours, images and CTAs. The flexibility continues on the Collections page. “We set up double-width advert banners between products and a “Keep Exploring Adnams” banner that leads to other areas of Adnams’ operations,” says Pete Heyes, Developer at blubolt. “We also enabled the brand to hide out of stock products to improve the user experience.”

Perfectly distilled features & functionality.

Lastly, the team set up collections and search with Boost Commerce, customer reviews with Okendo, custom page building with Shogun, donations with Pennies, and email with DotDigital.

Adams Southwold on Shopify Plus: we’ll toast to that!

To conclude we asked David Wyatt Hupton, Retail Sales & Marketing Manager at Adnams Southwold what he thought of the new Shopify Plus site, the blubolt project process, and how it’s impacted the way their team works. “Shopify Plus has opened a number of avenues for us to take the next step in our retail journey. The improved functionality has also allowed us to introduce new and exciting features like click and collect from our retail stores. The process to move with blubolt from our old to Shopify Plus was seamless. blubolt delivered a well-executed project plan that took into consideration our design and functionality requirements. Shopify Plus has already improved the retail team’s productivity with its ease of use. Lastly, we look forward to introducing new and exciting features in the coming months!”

So to explore the new-look Adnams Southwold, or to stock up on your favourite beverages, head on over to their Shopify Plus store here. Cheers!

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