We recently caught up with Klevu, the on-site search experts, to discuss their newly published research on product discovery. Read on to learn more and download a copy of the report!

Ready or not, here I come: the next phase of conversational commerce.

So are you prepared for the future of product discovery? Apparently not!

According to their new research, Klevu found most retailers’ websites simply aren’t ready for the future of product discovery, that is voice and zero UI interactions. “Shoppers have realised that being more specific in how they search can get them relevant results more quickly,” says Nilay Oza, Co-Founder at Klevu. “This behaviour is influencing not only web discovery but ecommerce discovery. However, the majority of websites are not prepared for the next phase of conversational commerce.”

Thankfully the Klevu team, in collaboration with ecommerce experts, have compiled their findings into a new report to help ecommerce retailers avoid some costly mistakes.

Conversational commerce: are you ready to talk?

Cover your bases: what’s in the Ecommerce Discovery Report?

To sum up, the 26-page Ecommerce Discovery Report explores findings on:

  • product discovery,

  • on-site search usability,

  • real-time results, and

  • natural language processing.

It then concludes with a series of recommendations on ecommerce websites.

The hit list: brands reviewed in the research.

Impressively, Klevu reviewed 50 major UK retailers for their research. This includes Made.com, Crew Clothing, Holland & Barrett, Furniture Village, Glossier, Jack Wills and more. Download the report for a full list of brands.

Sneak peek: two top product discovery learnings.

  1. Shoppers now expect conversational product discovery. For example, voice-led technologies such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are turning ‘zero UI’ interactions into ubiquitous experiences.

  2. Shoppers are 3-5 times more likely to buy when they find relevant products quickly, but more than 30% of online shoppers “bounce” if they can’t.

Spring into action: download the Ecommerce Discovery Report.

While it's nice to know what shoppers are expecting, knowing what to do with that information is key. So for the full low-down on the research, PLUS tips to improve your brand’s own product discovery experience, download a PDF version of the Ecommerce Discovery Report here - Klevu_Product_Discovery_Report. Alternatively, it's available on the Klevu site here.

The future of product discovery: you don't need a crystal ball. Just download the report!

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