We’re delighted to announce today a new partnership with leading age verification company, AgeChecked. Together we’ll create the first truly regulatory compliant app for Shopify stores selling age restricted products. The AgeChecked App will verify the age of the customer behind the scenes without them having to submit any details. Launching soon, the app will be available to all Shopify retailers.

The blubolt & AgeChecked Partnership

“blubolt has a strong technical heritage, having built our own bluCommerce platform,” says Leigh Mardon, Chief Operating Officer at blubolt. “So we’re excited to partner with the experts at AgeChecked to streamline the verification process for Shopify stores selling age restricted products.”

Our new partner is at the forefront of their industry and a founding member of the Age Verification Providers Association. “This latest partnership with blubolt is one we are very excited about due to blubolt’s great reputation in the eCommerce world,” says Alastair Graham, Chief Executive Officer at AgeChecked. “Our new app will give Shopify stores an easy-to-use verification solution that satisfies trading standards regulations.”

So What Does The AgeChecked App Do?

The AgeChecked app will cater to Shopify retailers selling age restricted products. These products include alcohol, vaping products, knives, sharp garden tools, corrosive materials and any other goods, services or content that are age restricted.

Built by blubolt using the power of AgeChecked, the app will be regulatory compliant and secure, seamless to set-up and fast and cost-effective to use. A basic monthly plan will be free to install (no contract) and merchants can just top up credits as needed. Furthermore, there’ll be no charges for returning customers.

When Does The App Launch?

Soon! Sign-up for the blubolt newsletter to be the first to know.

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