What is a Shopify Developer?

A Shopify developer is a web developer who specialises in web design and development for eCommerce websites built on the Shopify platform.

Shopify developers can seamlessly integrate into an eCommerce brand’s workflow, being very knowledgeable with the CMS platform, online store, apps, themes and third party payment integrations.

This post will explore the role of a Shopify developer, why they’re used, and the benefits of working with an expert.

What does a Shopify developer do?

The role of a Shopify developer revolves around creating, customising, optimising, and maintaining the platform's backend.

A developer's responsibility is to ensure that the website functions correctly and that there are no UX or design issues that impact a user's ability to make a purchase or browse the website.

Common tasks include:

In addition, Shopify developers provide ongoing support, maintenance, and troubleshooting based on the specific technical issues related to a Shopify eCommerce website's performance.

Why use a Shopify developer?

Anyone can create a basic Shopify website, but without the consultation and guidance of an expert developer, brands lack the knowledge and capability to deliver a high-performing website geared for long-term growth. Activities like installing complex code, setting up payment gateways, and designing custom themes and web pages can be time-consuming and tricky without the support of an experienced Shopify developer.

For example, Shopify recommends that any eCommerce website should use its Shopify payment gateway to avoid unnecessary interest on transaction fees. A Shopify developer can help install this correctly to ensure that you’re above board.

Another example is if a brand wants to sell its products internationally, multiple issues can arise, which a Shopify developer can fix, including numerous storefronts, different languages, and their respective currencies. Without an experienced Shopify developer, brands can find it difficult to upscale their business and make expanding to a global audience more challenging.

At blubolt, we’ve delivered hundreds of eCommerce projects with solutions that only experienced Shopify developers could achieve. Take a look at some recent examples below.

1. ZyroFisher - Delivering an enterprise solution for eight brands on Shopify

We migrated eight ZyroFisher brands to Shopify by creating one “parent” theme so each of the brands could be “children” of that parent theme. We created an identical backend setup for each site to enable seamless management across the +60 sporting brands ZyroFisher distributed while ensuring each brand had a personality-packed design and the best tech stack to power multiple sites effectively. Read more on the ZyroFisher project.

2. RIXO - Custom integrations help deliver +78% ATV.

RIXO was ready for a fresh look that highlighted the brand's modern, premium nature. The brand also wanted greater in-house control over changing the site to drive conversions and boost AOV. To meet the brief, we delivered a flexible, modular site using Online Store 2.0 and a sophisticated theme design. We also integrated Harper Concierge to bring the in-store experience to customers at home. Browse the RIXO project.

3. Teapigs - Personality-filled subscriptions with +350% revenue.

In migrating to Shopify Plus, teapigs wanted a friendly and approachable site to inform customers without overwhelming them, plus a more intuitive and fun way to browse their extensive range. We delivered a personality-filled smart subscription service, a bespoke pick-n-mix bundle builder, and greater in-house control and flexibility to deliver stability and support long-term growth. Check out our teapigs project.

Benefits of a Shopify developer.

There are many advantages to hiring an experienced Shopify developer to build and monitor your Shopify store, such as:

  • Technical expertise. Since Shopify developers work on multiple sites daily, they have in-depth knowledge of Shopify's tools, APIs, and themes, enabling them to build stores tailored to businesses' unique needs.

  • Easy third-party integrations. A great Shopify developer will make third-party integrations a breeze. For example, at blubolt, we’ve got an extensive network of partnerships with third-party services and the skill set to ensure integrations - whether they’re standard or custom- are completed properly with minimal fuss.

  • Customisation. Shopify developers can customise the design and functionality of Shopify stores to align with the brand identity and business requirements. For example, we delivered a bespoke date and delivery selector for Pipers Farm and custom bundle builders for Rave Coffee and Muc-Off.

  • Conversion rate optimisation. Shopify developers optimise websites for performance, ensuring fast loading times, responsive design, and smooth navigation.

  • Efficiency and scalability. Shopify developers build efficient and scalable solutions that can accommodate increasing traffic, product catalogue size, and transaction volume. As a result, your store will handle growth without compromising performance or user experience.

  • SEO optimisation. Experienced Shopify developers will implement SEO-friendly features that brands won’t have the expertise to deliver themselves, such as improving website speed and ensuring it’s mobile-friendly to boost conversion rates.

  • Ongoing support. Whether you’ve got a new website or one in need of some TLC, ongoing support services will keep your website running smoothly and help your team drive growth.

  • eCommerce trends and platform knowledge. Building on the point above, Shopify developers keep an eye on the latest trends and developments from Shopify that can be integrated with the latest tools and apps to improve customer experience and engagement.

Find a Shopify developer.

Ready to engage a Shopify developer to drive improvement and growth for your eCommerce site?

Check out Shopify’s partner directory—blubolt is listed here—to ensure you have a properly qualified partner agency.

If you’re looking for a digital commerce specialist who can help you extract maximum value from your digital marketing investment, get in touch with us today. In the meantime, read more about our services and browse our work.

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