We’ve just whipped up a tasty new ecommerce site: Cutter & Squidge has just launched on Shopify Plus.

Cutter & Squidge: about the brand.

Founded in a bijou kitchen by two foodie sisters, Cutter & Squidge offer baked goods like cakes, brownies, jams and caramels. Alongside these classics, they also offer their own creations like the Biskie. The inventive duo created this popular signature product, which is a sandwiched dessert lying somewhere between a cake and a cream-filled cookie.

Handmade in London from 100% natural ingredients, the award-winning sisters have developed a range with health in mind. They keep the fat and sugar content of products to "just as much as needed to make something delicious".

A piece of cake: upgrading from Shopify to Shopify Plus.

Already using Shopify, Cutter & Squidge required a full site rebuild and upgrade to Shopify Plus. blubolt delivered this clean slate (or is that plate?) for the brand, giving them a strong platform for long term growth. In addition, the move gave the team the extra autonomy they desired, along with the in-house control to mix and match third-party partners.

A beautiful bespoke theme design (not a cookie-cutter in sight!)

“The Cutter & Squidge team briefed blubolt for a fresh, colourful design to reflect their product range and its distinctive packaging,” says Harry Parkin, Designer at blubolt. “So we designed a beautiful bespoke Shopify Plus theme that gives the brand control of the colours. For example, they can customise the colour behind each image in the gallery."

Alongside this, the team can switch from single or double width hero banners. They can also change up the bestsellers slider in a heartbeat. As a result, the overall design is fun, sophisticated, and super user-friendly.

Sweet: the new Cutter & Squidge site

The icing on the cake: fabulous features & functionality.

“The Cutter & Squidge team were looking to improve their nationwide offering and wanted to maintain the high quality of the product on delivery,” says Will Hutchinson, Developer at blubolt. “So we created a bespoke date and delivery selector app that caters to perishable products.” As a result, the Cutter & Squidge team have an app offering a high level of granularity. For example, they can completely customise the delivery options London and Nationwide addresses, and also for every product. Lastly, the team set up collections and search with Boost Commerce, reviews with Reviews.io, email with Drip, and wishlist functionality with Smart Wishlist.

Cutter & Squidge: selling like hotcakes.

There are no soggy bottoms on this site! Browse the drool-worthy range on the new Shopify Plus site, or get some inspiration for your own project (or afternoon tea), here.

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