With the UK eCommerce scene more competitive than ever, retailers must find new ways to maximise existing resources on their eCommerce sites to encourage loyalty, recruit new customers and increase revenue. One area often under-utilised by retailers is the humble Shopify Order Confirmation page or, as it’s commonly referred to, the Shopify Thank You page. So today, we’re exploring the top five ways to get more value from your oft-neglected Shopify Thank You page.

Why you should upgrade your Shopify Thank You page.

As eCommerce Managers often overlook the potential of the Thank You page, the page set-up typically remains bog-standard rather than fully optimised.

Shopify Thank You Page
A typical Shopify Thank You page

Considering how many customers are hitting your Thank You page over a week, month, or even year, there is a significant marketing opportunity.

So rather than ignoring your existing customers once they’ve ordered, the Thank You page presents an opening to continue the relationship with these already engaged users and get them to help you reach new customers. The Thank you page is also an easy, less obtrusive way to encourage users to perform additional actions. These actions are valuable to you and your business; more on this below.

Five tips for a higher value Shopify Thank You page.

1. Create segmented Shopify Thank You pages.

You can use specific trigger rules and segments to create a bespoke Thank You page by upgrading your site with an app like Reconvert. This app enables your messaging to be more relevant to your customers, encouraging them to take action or show them content specific to their situation.

Here are some example segments you can use to create a unique Thank You page:

  • new versus returning customers,

  • products purchased,

  • time since the last order, and

  • location.


If you create a new customer segment, you can fend off buyer remorse and positively reinforce their great choice by adding social proof messaging like “You’re in great company…” and the inclusion of trust widgets from the likes of Trustpilot and Feefo.

Another option could be to upload a video from the company founder, thanking the first-time customers and explaining what it means to their business. This video would offer a more personal service for the customer rather than the exchange simply being a transaction! Alternatively, include a video specific to what they just purchased or a downloadable piece of helpful content for your customers.

Video message on a Shopify Thank You page
Adding a video message on your Thank You page.

2. Collect more data on your Shopify Thank You page.

Along with providing a more tailored and personal shopping experience, the Thank You page is also an opportunity to understand more about your users. For example, finding out what convinced them to buy and what almost stopped them from buying would provide great insights to feed into your CRO programme.

Questions to ask on Shopify Thank You page
Collect more data.

Net Promoter Score.

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer loyalty and satisfaction by asking customers how likely they are to recommend your company, product, or service on a scale of 0-10. By setting up an NPS survey, you can trend how well you're doing from a customer experience point of view and measure potential growth over time. Companies like Hotjar offer free trials where you can test out an NPS survey.

Product comments.

The Thank You page represents an opportunity to deepen your market research. Understanding your products' uses, how well they meet users' needs and what features/benefits they deem most valuable.

Product survey from Reconvert app
Example of a product survey using the Reconvert app.

Attribution surveys.

An attribution survey is a post-purchase questionnaire that helps you identify how your customers found your brand. By placing it strategically on your Thank You page, you can pose the simple question: "How did you hear about us?" from which customers choose from a list of options. Aside from the usual suspects, you can also provide a free-form option for customers to add options you haven’t listed.

Apps like Enquire offer post-purchase surveys for attribution. The app integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to enrich your reporting and analyse what marketing efforts are truly having an impact.

Post-purchase surveys by Enquire
Enquire offers post-purchase surveys for attribution.

3. Create cross-selling opportunities on your Shopify Thank You page.

Typical cross-selling strategies display products on product pages and cart pages. However, these aren’t always optimal as they can interrupt the primary buyer journey, are potentially not seen or are squeezed into limited real estate.

By contrast, cross-selling on the Thank You page doesn’t interrupt the buyer’s journey and is an opportune time as the buyer has already spent money with you! To get started, check out apps like Reconvert that allow you to display recommended products and insert a one-click add-to-basket for a customer's existing order.

4. Utilise social media engagement on your Shopify Thank You Page.

Adding social media widgets to your Thank You page will encourage followers and likes to your account and make it easier for your customers to share their latest purchases with friends.

To further boost conversion potential, you can encourage customers to offer their friends a discount on their first purchase by sharing it on social media.

Social media widget for Shopify Thank You page
An example social widget from Reconvert.

5. Improve marketing and retention on your Shopify Thank You Page.

Our final tip is to improve marketing and retention opportunities on your Thank You page. Here’s how:

  • Referral schemes and Loyalty programs. Encouraging customers to promote your products and purchase again is a valuable way to grow your business - rather than relying on your marketing efforts to drive new customers. Loyalty apps include Loyalty Lion and Smile.

  • Account creation. By encouraging customers to set up an account (rather than remaining a guest), you can capture further information about the customer and offer more personalised service.

  • Newsletter sign-ups. Quick to add, but capturing this sign-up means you can grow your email database and 0-party data. As a result, you'll have more opportunities to market your new products, collections and offers.

Giving thanks to your Shopify Thank You page.

In conclusion, there are infinite ways to upgrade your Thank You page, so start with outlining a simple strategy. Ask yourself what makes the most sense for your business. What data would be useful to collect? And what KPIs would you like to improve? Start with one goal to get the ball role and one action you’d like users to take. From there, simply test and learn! You’ll be thanking yourself in no time.

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