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teapigs, the online purveyors of top teas, are on a mission to make great tea accessible and a bit more fun! They offer real, quality tea that is sustainably sourced and packaged in environmentally friendly materials.
Food & Drink
Development, Design, Optimisation, bluprint For Success
The challenge

Adding bags of personality and a “can brew” attitude.

teapigs wanted a site that communicated their friendly and approachable attitude to the world of tea without overwhelming their customers. Specifically, they wanted to:

  • encourage automated repeat purchasing via a customisable subscription service,

  • allow customers to create their own personalised tea selection box,

  • give customers a more intuitive and fun way to browse their extensive range, and

  • have more in-house control over their website and ensure it was capable of growing with them.

The solution

Smart subscription service rewarding loyal-tea.

To build on teapigs’ loyal customer base, blubolt delivered a custom-built subscription service to encourage automated repeat purchasing. In keeping with the teapigs brand personality, this “sub & save” service is incredibly user-friendly, conveying the benefits to customers and making it easy for them to manage their subscription.

Bespoke pick-n-mix bundle builder.

The teapigs range includes everything from classic Darjeeling to adventurous popcorn to a relaxing “snooze with lavender” tea. To capitalise on this diverse offering, blubolt created a bespoke pick-n-mix bundle builder. This tool enables customers to create their own personalised tea selection box with their favourite Teapigs teas.

Control & a platform for long-term growth.

Reece Downey, eCommerce Manager at teapigs, explains the choice of Shopify Plus and blubolt: “[They] allow us to focus on our customers and developing the best home for our brand. It presents an opportunity for us to keep pace with some of the biggest industry advancements while operating on a small budget.”

The summary

More tea cups, fewer storms.

Over the first Black Friday weekend following the launch, the brand enjoyed +60% conversions, +250% transactions, and +350% revenue.

teapigs have continued to build on this early success, having just enjoyed their biggest Q3 ever while their subscription service is on course for a 100% increase in Q4. Of these latest results, Reece Downey, eCommerce Manager at teapigs, said, “I could go on forever; migrating to Shopify Plus with blubolt’s support is the best decision I’ve made in 6 years with teapigs.” Read our one-year-later update on the project here.