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Dogg Scooters.

Dogg Scooters.

The old adage “necessity is the mother of invention” certainly rings true for Dogg Scooters. The brand was founded in the South West of England in 2009 after local riders became increasingly frustrated over the lack of premium scooter products in the UK. Dogg Scooters caters to a full spectrum of riders - from beginners to intermediate and advanced - with a quality range of scooters and parts from the most exclusive brands in the business. Since launching, Dogg Scooters has been recognised as a leading force behind the emergence of the UK freestyle scooter scene. And better still, the brand is now the UK’s number-one scooter store!
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The Challenge

On the ball with Shopify Plus.

“Dogg Scooters were already on Shopify, but given how much the brand had grown, they were ready to upgrade to Shopify Plus,” says Kaja Sztuczka, Project Manager at blubolt. “Also top of the list delivering an interactive product builder for custom scooters.” With this in mind, the blubolt team set about unleashing the flexibility and in-house control Shopify Plus offers, as well as a fresh design and bundle-building functionality.

The Solution

Freestyling with a bespoke theme design that’s customisable in-house.

“Dogg Scooters is part of Greenover Sports, which has websites for each brand,” says Madeleine Gale, Designer at blubolt. “Consequently, Greenoever wanted the ability to create a distinct look and feel for each brand while ensuring each website could be easily maintained and adapted”. As such, blubolt delivered a bespoke master Shopify Plus theme that can be tailored for each brand. The theme focuses on making the user journey easier and more enjoyable and incorporating sleek lifestyle imagery and videos.

Riding high with features & functionality.

Built with Shopify’s Online Store 2.0, the Dogg Scooters site takes advantage of the greater in-house flexibility and creative control it offers. The brand can now customise pages thanks to Shopify’s ‘sections everywhere’, easily changing up banners, copy and CTAs when desired. The new USP bar, which is also customisable in-house, allows them to highlight advantages like next-day delivery. Furthermore, the improved navigation flags new products and best sellers for each category and enables the team to add product adverts.With Dogg Scooter’s discerning clientele in mind, blubolt also added a ‘Shop by brand’ slider so users can head straight to their preferred maker's collection page. The team also added a handy mini-cart pop-out at the checkout with a “Why not add” CTA for upselling.

Tech partners for the project include Klaviyo for email marketing, Feefo for customer reviews, Boost Commerce for search and filtering, Covet. pics for the social feed, and Klarna for ‘buy now, pay later’ payments.

New wheels: build your own custom scooter.

The pièce de résistance of Dogg Scooters’ new site is the fun and fabulous custom scooter builder. Constructed with React and utilising Shopify’s Storefront API, the builder enables customers to create a bespoke scooter that suits their needs. The parts available and the compatibility between them are fully customisable by the team at Dogg Scooters.

Before starting the build, customers can choose the scooter size (for example, small, tall or all riders) so the builder can show suitable parts and components. From there, customers can select everything from bars and decks to forks and wheels. It also has a "randomise" function which builds a scooter (tailored to your size) by randomly pairing suitable parts. Customers can then purchase that scooter design or use it as a starting point and make their own. 

Once customers have confirmed the design, the builder supplies a handy summary to check over and an option to have their masterpieces built ready to ride (rather than self-assembly).

Increase in mobile revenue
Increase in total revenue
Increase in AOV
The results.

Scoot over to Dogg Scooters today.

With a freshly upgraded Shopify Plus site, complete with an interactive product builder for custom scooters, the Dogg Scooters team have everything they need to win over new and old customers alike!

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