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Pipers Farm.

Pipers Farm is an award-winning online butcher selling grass-fed and free-range meat. The brand has been producing the finest quality meat for over 30 years, focusing on native breeds that are free to roam in fields of grass and grow at a natural pace. Their range features wonderfully themed meat boxes, from Family Favourites to BBQ Burgers to Nose To Tail, alongside a variety of individual meats, dairy, pantry and cellar goods.
Food & Drink
Development, Design, Optimisation, bluprint For Success
The challenge

Delivering beautiful design with custom delivery & fulfilment functionality.

Although already on Shopify Plus, the Pipers team were ready to put their existing website out to pasture. Having been bolted onto it over the years, they needed a cleanly coded site geared for future development. Among their top priorities were improving site speed, increasing recurring orders, driving loyalty and adding review functionality. With a range of perishable products, the Pipers Farm team was keen to improve their date and shipping functionality. Lastly, they wanted standardised yet flexible templates they could edit themselves.

The solution

Sorting the wheat from the chaff with a beautiful design.

“The Pipers team wanted to give their customers a luxurious experience while also showcasing their full product range and sustainability credentials,” says Matt Richards, Head of Design at blubolt. “So we designed a bespoke Shopify Plus theme with their beautiful photography taking centre stage. We then contained an abundance of product details within drop-down sections on the product pages. We also added a recipe upsell area to display the breadth of the range, including lesser-known items like spices and condiments.” As a result, the overall look is sleek, sophisticated, and user-friendly.

Perfecting personalisation.

“Now, when customers log in to the Pipers Farm site, they enjoy a far more personalised experience,” says Tom Bellew, Senior Frontend Developer at blubolt. “For example, the Homepage is now built-in blocks, which enables the brand to tailor the page. Customers will also see a welcome message, their Pipers loyalty points and previous orders to make repurchasing faster.”

Rearing bespoke fulfilment & delivery.

“Taking into account the perishable product range, the existing solution wasn’t meeting Pipers Farm’s requirements,” says Tom Bellew, Senior Frontend Developer at blubolt. “The brand needed a higher level of granularity so they could tailor delivery options for every product in the range AND all UK locations, creating as many bespoke rules as required.”

Considering the perishable product range, we created a bespoke delivery date picker to enable Pipers Farm to manage varying products, locations & product capacities. With this high level of granularity, Pipers Farm can now completely customise the delivery options for every product, whether it be meat boxes, condiments or dairy items. And, with an unlimited number of bespoke rules available, they’ve got the security of knowing that they'll always be able to tailor the delivery options to new products.

Beefed-up features & functionality.

The Journal, the Pipers Farm blog, is now split into two sections: recipes and articles. To increase conversions, recipes can now be filtered by meat type, and customers can simply hit “BUY INGREDIENTS” to purchase all ingredients in the recipe. The team also set up search with Boost Commerce, reviews with Yotpo, loyalty with Loyalty Lion, and wishlist functionality with Smart Wishlist.

Increase in revenue
Increase in conversion
Extra visits per year
The background

Bringing home the bacon: visit Pipers Farm.

The new Pipers Farm website is the epitome of style and substance, a true reflection of the brand. Equipped with a cleanly coded and beautifully designed site, the Pipers team are now poised to reap the rewards of their hard work!

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