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Robert Welch B2B.

Robert Welch B2B.

Robert Welch is a British family-run company synonymous with beautifully designed and crafted homewares. The award-winning brand has created highly functional yet timeless and elegant products for over 50 years.
The challenge

Streamlining B2B & DTC with one platform.

The Robert Welch team were managing B2B orders on a different platform but wanted a trade site that simplified ordering, supported large volumes and types of price lists, could manage various payment types, and had an eCommerce experience that reflected the brand. Having enjoyed success with its DTC Shopify Plus site built by blubolt, the brand sought to bring B2B onto the same platform and replicate the sleek and sophisticated user experience for its B2B customers.

The solution

Complexity made easy on Shopify Plus.

“By moving B2B operations to the same platform as DTC, Robert Welch can focus on perfecting the eCommerce experience - whether it be DTC or B2B - on one platform,” says Leigh Mardon, COO at blubolt. “Consolidating everything to Shopify Plus also has the benefit of reducing licence and eCommerce support costs. Furthermore, using Shopify Plus allows Robert Welch to keep pace with the biggest eCommerce industry advancements while operating on a small budget. ”

A sophisticated theme design across B2B and B2C.

On Robert Welch’s DTC Shopify Plus site, capturing the elegance of the brand was central to the theme design,” says Madeleine Gale, Design Lead at blubolt. “So, by consolidating its B2B to Shopify Plus, we were able to use the same sophisticated theme for the B2B eCommerce experience”.

Seamless functionality for B2B customers.

In migrating its B2B to Shopify Plus, blubolt worked with our partners at Patchworks and SparkLayer for seamless data integration with the brand's ERP and connection of the B2B data to the frontend eCommerce experience for B2B customers. As a result, on the new B2B store, customers can now access convenient 24/7 online ordering, customer-specific pricing and payment methods, plus account management for order tracking and repeat purchases. For the in-house team at Robert Welch they’re now able to easily customise the B2B website design (which aids not only B2B customers but also the brand’s Sales Agents placing orders on behalf of their customers) and can confidently manage operations, knowing B2B is fully synchronised with their DTC Shopify Plus.

The summary

A sleek Shopify experience for B2B.

With its B2B and DTC operations consolidated on Shopify Plus, Robert Welch now offers its B2B customers the same exceptional user experience as its DTC customers. Along with the increased customer satisfaction this brings, the brand now enjoys a more stable, efficient and cost-effective solution. And, due to the ambitious B2B expansion plans of Shopify Plus, it will reap the rewards of an ever-evolving eCommerce platform.