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Robert Welch.

Robert Welch is a British family-run company synonymous with beautifully designed and crafted homewares. The award-winning brand has created highly functional yet timeless and elegant products for over 50 years.
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The challenge

Delivering a cutting-edge website with a timeless style.

With a rich design heritage, innovative products, and a loyal following accustomed to excellent in-store service, Robert Welch needed their new website to live up to high customer expectations. In migrating to Shopify Plus, they wanted a fast, secure and stable platform that could continue to grow with the business but also retain the hallmarks of the Robert Welch in-store experience: luxurious product displays, easy browsing of the whole collection and exceptional, personalised service.

The solution

Streamlined, sophisticated design.

Capturing the elegance of the brand was central, but also building a website that made the customer experience even better; simple and intuitive ways to navigate the site, beautiful layouts and photography that best reflected the product range, and features and functions that made purchasing effortless.

Built for browsing & quick conversions.

We worked closely with Robert Welch to develop a simple-to-use site structure, where customers naturally browse a wide variety of products and collections during their visit. These features, combined with clear navigation and easy checkout, make for a high-converting site.

Extending the power of Shopify Plus.

Features such as gift-wrapping, validation for age-restricted products, content-rich product pages, and customisable collection pages have all been developed as well as tight integrations with systems such as Patchworks, Feefo, and Klaviyo.

Increase in revenue
Increase in conversion
Extra visits per year
The summary

Serving up a beauty that cuts through the competition.

With their new Shopify Plus website, their luxury brand better reflected online, and a more seamless multi-channel set-up, this all sets Robert Welch in good stead to achieve ambitious growth plans.

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