With BFCM just around the corner, it’s a great time to supercharge your ecommerce site’s performance. blubolt client, BushWear, has been doing just that with our expert optimisation service designed to help brands seize untapped ecommerce opportunities. Read on to see how we’ve helped BushWear achieve fantastic results on Shopify Plus!


Based in Stirling, Scotland, BushWear is the UK’s leading outdoor clothing and footwear brand. With a maxim of ‘Grab Life By The Horns’, the brand is considered the go-to supplier by hunting, stalking, and shooting enthusiasts.


Google Shopping: getting our ducks in a row.

BushWear had a large proportion of paid traffic arriving directly onto product detail pages (PDP) via Google Shopping Campaigns. However, our analysis showed that the majority of traffic from this segment came from new users. These users were unlikely to have previously heard of or shopped with BushWear. As such, the challenge was to identify ways to improve the conversion rate of new users and also generate higher revenue per user.


Hunting high & low: reviewing the Google Shopping approach.

“We conducted an initial review of the Google Shopping campaigns and outdoor clothing and equipment market within it,” says Jamie Willmott, Optimisation Manager at blubolt. “We found it to be a highly competitive area with BushWear's new users likely to be keen comparison shoppers. While we identified price as significant in decision making, we also saw that other factors like product quality, brand reputation and service were also key.”

From here, the optimisation team recommended reviewing and testing the new PDP copy. Firstly, the aim was to reassure users with a series of compelling reasons (USPs) to purchase from BushWear. This, in turn, would better engage new users and lead them to conversion.

Best shot: identifying the USPs & testing new copy.

We next nailed down the BushWear USPs, drawing them from sources like customer reviews, surveys, and tested PPC advertising copy. With this new intelligence, we set up an A/B test to see whether displaying this more compelling content on product detail pages had any impact on BushWear’s conversion rate, revenue, and revenue per user. We ran the A/B test for a period of 16 days.


It’s open season on growth with +13% conversions & +23% revenue per user.

In summary, the results from the A/B test showed a 13% uplift in conversion and 23% uplift in per session value for paid traffic. This demonstrates that new users seeing the improved PDP pages were more likely to convert and spend more than those seeing the old PDP pages. Moreover, it’s a great start to the brand’s optimisation journey, and we’ve got many more ideas to test. For now, though, BushWear is officially Top Gun!

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