Today we’re checking in with blubolt client, Case Furniture, to see what they’ve been achieving with our optimisation service, designed to help brands seize untapped ecommerce opportunities. So read on to see how we’ve helped Case Furniture deliver great results on Shopify!


Founded in 2006, Case is a modern and contemporary furniture producer known for its “design without compromise”. For instance, standing out from the crowd, the brand makes no secret of its mission to “make quality, authored products accessible to the mass market.” To deliver on this, Case has always employed cutting-edge technology, manufacturing techniques, and a raft of world-renowned furniture designers.

Case Furniture: design without compromise.


Building a case: understanding why visitors weren’t converting.

The Case Furniture team were enjoying their new Advanced Shopify site. However, six months in, they wanted to review the site to ensure that there weren’t any areas preventing customers from making a purchase. Consequently, they sought expert advice from our optimisation team at blubolt.


Defining the user journey & uncovering friction points.

After an initial analysis of the data, our Optimisation team found that the majority of visitors to product pages were not adding products to the cart. As a result, we decided to conduct a controlled user testing exercise with a defined user journey. This would allow us to uncover all the friction points users were experiencing.

Testing, testing: high-quality user testing.

“After reviewing available options, we decided to use Userfeel to run the testing,” says Danny Guevara, CRO Analyst at blubolt. “This testing tool enables us to see users' issues and needs, watch their actual mouse movements, and listen to them ask questions and/or complete tasks.”

From there, we:

  • posed a series of “screener questions” to ensure our testers were of high quality,

  • narrowed down the user demographics to mirror Case Furniture’s customers,

  • analysed the answers the users gave, and

  • watched the recordings thoroughly to ensure we spotted all user interactions in the journey, including the ones the user wasn’t conscious of!

Testing, testing: high-quality testing to match the high-quality products!

Action stations: analysing the data & prioritising tasks.

The user testing revealed valuable feedback on the user experience and journey. For example:

  • Users were hesitant to purchase due to the complex delivery fees and timeframes,

  • On mobile homepage content, users wanted an easier product discovery experience (for example displaying top categories), and

  • Users wanted greater ease in finding furniture dimensions and weren’t sure how the items would fit and look in their homes.

Subsequently, after analysing the feedback, we made specific recommendations for improvements to the website. Importantly, we then grouped these recommendations into themes like delivery, trust signals, navigation, user experience and value proposition.

To help Case Furniture further, we also added a priority to each recommendation. This enables both our client and our blubolt team to focus on the items that will improve the user journey the most and in turn improve conversion rate. As a result, we made 23 recommendations in total and marked 13 of these as a high priority.

Rest assured: ongoing implementation of optimisation recommendations.


Making the case: ongoing implementation.

In conclusion, the Case Furniture team were suitably impressed with our well-researched feedback and prioritised list of recommendations! So while it’s still early in the process, the brand has been busy implementing the top-priority tasks and scheduling the longer-term recommendations in our design and development calendars.

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