We're excited to announce our latest launch for a long-standing customer, Robert Welch. Known for their exquisite homeware range and beautiful designs, this month saw the UK brand release their new eCommerce website on the Shopify Plus platform.

Capturing the elegance of the brand was central, but also building a website that made the customer experience even better; simple and intuitive ways to navigate the site, beautiful layouts and photography that best-reflected the product range, and features and functions that made purchasing effortless.

Built on the Shopify Plus platform, the Robert Welch website was carefully crafted to ensure a fully bespoke result for the brand both in look-and-feel and functionality. Features such as gift-wrapping, validation for age-restricted products, content-rich product pages, and customisable collection pages have all been developed as well as tight integrations with systems such as Patchworks, Feefo, and Klaviyo.

You can explore their new website here!


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