1. What is Shopify Checkout Extensibility?

Shopify Checkout Extensibility allows merchants to customise their eCommerce checkout experience with a range of new apps and branding tools.

Along with stability, speed and security, Checkout Extensibility is upgrade-safe and seamlessly integrates with Shop Pay.

2. Why is this better than the existing Shopify Checkout?

While the Shopify Checkout experience is hard to beat for speed and performance, it didn’t allow for easy customisation, which becomes a greater priority as brands grow.

Previously, merchants needed to modify the checkout code directly by editing checkout.liquid. Because changes couldn’t be made via an app or in-house team, the change process was slower and more expensive.

Now with Checkout Extensibility, a merchant’s in-house team can easily do far more customising without complex development work.

3. What new checkout customisation options does Checkout Extensibility offer?

“We already have clients utilising some of the checkout customisation options,” says Richard Ayles, Head of Development at blubolt. “Having tested Checkout UI extensions and functions at Shopify Unite in September, I can say that the latter is definitely something I see our clients using for things like bespoke discount logic and more. I believe they will eventually replace Shopify Scripts.”

A. Customise UI and content.

With the new Checkout UI extensions, developers can create bespoke functionality that brands can install at specific points in the checkout flow. For example, you could build extensions for custom fields to capture extra information from customers or to show a product offer before customers check out.

B. Tailor how your Shopify Checkout looks.

Fancy customising your checkout look and feel, so it reflects the on-brand design of the rest of your website?

Using the new Checkout Branding API, you can do this by adding your brand logo, font, and colours and even using rounded corners to the checkout form field styling.

C. Customise the backend business logic.

Would you like to customise the discounts applied to orders, products, or shipping? When Shopify Functions launches (it’s currently in developer preview), you’ll have the flexibility to extend the backend discounting logic within the Checkout to create, for example, tiered discount options.

Eventually, this freedom will be extended to other back-end parts of Shopify. So in future, you can expect to be able to create blended shipping rates, checkout and cart validations, return validations, and programmable order routing.

D. Create a post-purchase page.

Using Post-purchase extensions, you can add new content to the post-purchase page. So, for example, you can show customers a product offer or ask for additional information after they have checked out but before they get to the order confirmation page.

E. Set up buying behaviour tracking.

The Web Pixel API enables you to add a tracking pixel to collect behavioural data on your buyers for more in-depth measurement and optimisation of your marketing campaigns and overall conversion performance. The API can also provide an events list that merchants can subscribe to.

4. Who can use it?

Shopify Checkout Extensibility is available exclusively to Shopify Plus merchants.

Check it out: Shopify Checkout Extensibility.

Now that you’ve got the low down on Checkout Extensibility, are you ready to start customising? Or do you fancy a more detailed chat about your eCommerce store?

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