Update October 2023: Shopify Scripts Deprecation deadline extended.

Shopify has just announced a change in the timeline for the Shopify Scripts deprecation, extending it a year. The end-of-life date is now 28th August 2025.

Shopify Functions still replaces Shopify Scripts, and as such, Shopify Scripts will no longer be supported as of 28th August 2025.

What you need to know about Shopify Functions.

Set to replace Shopify Scripts sooner rather than later, Shopify Functions is a way for developers to automate and improve the functionality of their Shopify stores in a serverless way. It’s being rolled out, and developers are slowly moving away from Shopify Scripts, with full migration expected in August of next year.

In this post, we have taken a look at Shopify Functions and the key benefits to businesses, developers and customers.

What is Shopify Functions?

Shopify Functions is replacing Shopify Scripts, and it’s a new feature that has recently been introduced on the Shopify platform. It allows developers to create additional functionality for their Shopify stores in a serverless way. Previously, Shopify Plus users have been using Scripts, but this will no longer be available to new users. From 28th August 2025, Shopify Scripts will not be supported, and users will need to switch to Shopify Functions before this happens.

With Shopify Functions, website developers can create and utilise a wide range of functions that work alongside Shopify’s existing API, allowing them to perform a whole host of tasks in an automated, simple and straightforward way. Tasks such as adding new products, processing orders and updating customer information can be done without a developer needing to use any external processes or having to develop an entirely new application. Instead, Shopify Functions enables building on top of an existing Shopify eCommerce store. As Shopify Functions uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) Lambda, everything can be scaled up as a business grows without a developer needing to create any additional infrastructure.

How does Shopify Functions work?

Using JavaScript, TypeScript and Python, website developers can create serverless functions on Shopify Functions. Once these functions have been uploaded to AWS Lambda, they can be used as and when they are interacted with, for example, when someone places a new order or when a customer changes their contact information. With Shopify Functions, developers use Shopify’s API to connect with a Shopify eCommerce store. Once they interact with the store, they can complete a wide range of tasks, such as processing orders or adding new products. It’s easy to build custom solutions on top of Shopify when developers use Shopify Functions, as the eCommerce store’s data and functions can all be accessed via Shopify’s API.

The benefits of Shopify Functions.

Though many developers have enjoyed using Shopify Scripts, Shopify Functions is sure to be a welcome addition to the popular platform. Below, we have listed some of the top benefits of Shopify Functions.

1. Shopify Functions offers increased flexibility.

With Shopify Functions, developers have a lot of flexibility, allowing businesses to tailor their eCommerce store to meet their individual needs. If their customers have specific demands, the website can be tailored to cater to them. Instead of being limited by what Shopify Plus already offers, developers can create custom functions for their websites. For example, they could use Shopify Functions to update products automatically, saving time and minimising the risk of a mistake being made.

2. Shopify Functions can be scaled up or down.

As Shopify Functions uses AWS Lambda, the functions can be scaled up and down as needed. This means that the store will always be responsive, even when a growing number of orders are being placed or the website traffic is at an all-time high. This constant website responsiveness reduces paid load times, which boosts user experience and helps with search engine optimisation.

3. Shopify Functions is a cost-effective solution.

As Shopify Functions are completely serverless, a business only pays for the time the function is being used rather than paying for the complete server hosting. This can reduce the costs of specific eCommerce functions, which is hugely beneficial to smaller businesses and those with a limited budget. It’s also helpful for websites that experience fluctuations in traffic, as businesses only need to pay for the exact amount that the function is being interacted with and not when it’s dormant.

4. Shopify Functions boast impressive security.

AWS Lambda, which is what Shopify Functions uses, is very secure and reduces the chances of a cybersecurity problem arising. It’s also possible to use Shopify Functions in a way that only accesses the specific data and resources needed, which means unauthorised access is unlikely.

5. Shopify Functions has increased automation.

Many routine tasks can be automated using Shopify Functions, which frees up a lot of time and resources for a business. Instead of having to do everything manually and at individual times, developers can use Shopify Functions to create custom functions. It’s a quick, convenient and straightforward way of completing various eCommerce tasks.

6. Shopify Functions integrates with other systems.

Shopify Functions can be used with a wide range of other systems and services, making it a part of Shopify that’s easy to integrate. It can be integrated with inventory management systems, shipping providers and payment gateways. This gives developers and businesses more freedom to use Shopify Functions in a way that works for them.

Finding your feet with Shopify Functions.

So, in summary, Shopify Functions is replacing Shopify Scripts and has the potential to be hugely beneficial to your eCommerce businesses. While there is no denying the advantages of Shopify Functions, eCommerce development can always be challenging, especially for businesses with unique online requirements. As an accredited Shopify Plus Agency Partner, we’re experienced in creating exceptional eCommerce experiences on Shopify Plus and well-versed in Shopify Functions so do get in touch with any queries.

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