We’re delighted to announce our latest launch: Aquaplanet Sports is live with a sleek new Shopify Plus site by blubolt!

Aquaplanet Sports: about the brand.

Aquaplanet Sports is a brand founded on a love of paddleboarding. The adventure-loving brand offers an impressive range of paddleboards and accessories - for experts and novices alike - and even designs and produces the UK’s best-selling paddleboard!

From WooCommerce to flexible & user-friendly Shopify Plus.

“The Aquaplanet team were ready to leave behind their unreliable WooCommerce site in favour of a more flexible Shopify Plus site that could help drive conversions and expand into new markets,” says Kaja Sztuczka, Project Manager at blubolt. “Additionally, Aquaplanet wanted a fresh, contemporary look for the new site.” Considering these requirements, the blubolt team built the new site on Shopify’s Online Store 2.0, giving the brand greater in-house control and customisation of the website.

Making a splash with a clean & colourful bespoke theme design.

“As a brand, Aquaplanet is energetic, colourful, and adventurous, so we mirrored this with the bespoke theme design,” says Arran Brunning, Designer at blubolt. “The new Shopify Plus site is clean and contemporary, perfectly showcasing Aquaplanet's vibrant lifestyle imagery with tiled galleries of images and videos. Built on Shopify’s Online Store 2.0, the design utilises the ‘sections everywhere’ functionality so the Aquaplanet team can easily switch up page sections and update images as needed.

Sporting new features & functionality.

To build on the fresh look, the blubolt team added further features and functionality to improve the customer eCommerce experience and overall site speed. “For example, on the PDPs, the new 3D Viewer (produced with Google Model Viewer) simulates an in-store view of the product before the customer makes a purchase,” says Pete Heyes, Developer at blubolt. “We also created the ‘What’s in the box’ section to explain to customers exactly what they’re purchasing as each Aquaplanet product has different elements to make up one paddleboard box.” The team are also preparing to launch Aquaplanet into new markets once the UK site goes live.

Tech partners for the project include Drip for email marketing, Loox for product reviews, Octane AI for questionnaires, Tawk.to for live chat, Covet.pics for the Instagram feed, and Boost Commerce for product search and filtering.

Aquaplanet: ready for adventure on Shopify Plus.

Get Shopify inspiration for your own project (or pick up a paddleboard or two) by visiting Aquaplanet Sports today.

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