News just in: blubolt has launched Muc-Off’s new Shopify Plus website!

Clean as a whistle: Muc-Off's new Shopify Plus site.

Muc-Off: about the brand.

Muc-Off is known for its (healthy!) obsession with making the most innovative bike and motorbike cleaning, lubricating, and protecting products on the market.

With a focus on keeping its customer’s kit functioning at full throttle and looking fabulous, the brand has its own state-of-the-art, in-house research and development team. Every product is first tested internally, then delivered to Muc-Off’s pro teams for final feedback before going into full production. Muc-Off’s dedication has certainly paid off: they’re now the go-to brand for enthusiastic amateurs and top-tier racers and riders alike!

With their market and business booming, the Muc-off team wanted a super-sleek and highly functional new Shopify Plus site to grow with them.

A fresh, user-friendly design oiled by Shopify Plus.

Already enjoying the power of Shopify Plus, the Muc-off team wanted their newly designed site to increase conversion rate and AOV while also improving the customer journey.To deliver on this, blubolt simplified navigation for a more intuitive and clear path to purchase. “Showcasing how the products can be used and offering tips etc was another key requirement from the brand,” says Matt Richards, Head of Design at blubolt. “Muc-Off has fantastic high-quality “How To” videos to support this so we incorporated these into the product detail pages.”

Muc-Off was also keen to have more in-house control so they could quickly adapt to market changes. The custom theme delivered by blubolt achieves just that; the brand can now fully manage their Shopify theme without having to code changes for new banners, videos, images, or copy. The new design is fresh and clean while still recognisably Muc-Off, maintaining the brand’s distinctive black and pink branding throughout. With the vast majority of site visits from mobile devices, the speedy new mobile-first design ensures the best possible user experience for these shoppers on the go.

A joy ride: Muc-Off's new Shopify Plus site.

Awash with features & functionality.

Like their carefully crafted products, the brand’s new website needed to combine beautiful design with high function. Consequently, the blubolt team employed a selection of Shopify apps and bespoke development to deliver this. For example, an integration with CloudSearch has brought super-fast and highly-relevant search and filtering functionality. Then, blubolt created a bespoke store locator. “We decided to deliver a custom option as a generic locator would’ve clashed with the rest of the site,” says Richard Ayles, Head of Development at blubolt. “So now Muc-Off customers can find their local store in style!” it’s a clean sweep.

Whether you’re looking for superb Shopify Plus inspiration or simply want to stock up on Muc-Off’s products, head over to their new store here.

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