Let’s face it, there are a lot of eCommerce businesses out there, so adding as much value to your website as possible is key to standing out on screens. There are various ways to do this, but you can’t go wrong with adding a custom bundle builder.

Custom bundle builders are an effective and simple way to offer product bundles to customers, and they provide customers with the freedom to shop in a way that works for them. Instead of buying products individually, which can sometimes be more costly or time-consuming, they can combine products quickly and easily. As all businesses and websites are different, our bundle builders are completely customisable.

Below, we have looked at the value a custom bundle builder can add to a Shopify store.

What is a Custom Bundle Builder?

A custom bundle builder is an easy and adaptable way for businesses to offer product bundles to customers, including one-time purchases and subscriptions. These are adaptable and versatile and can be customised to fit each Shopify store and target audience perfectly. Customers can utilise the bundle builder to create a unique group of products, sample a range of products or create one larger custom-built item. It’s a popular way for merchants to encourage customers to buy more products, such as a gift set or subscription.

Custom bundle builders are ideal if you sell a range of different products, such as those that make up a hamper or gift set, as customers can build a bundle with their favourite items. It’s also a great addition to any eCommerce store, with products that can be combined to make a larger item. For example, when building a bike or a custom computer. You can also use a bundle builder to allow customers to sample some of your top products in a ‘pic n mix’ style of shopping. If you have popular products that you would like to market to a wider audience, you can offer them as part of a bundle with other items.

The Benefits of Custom Bundle Builders.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that you can’t customise Shopify, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are several ways to customise Shopify to ensure it’s working for your business, including getting a customised bundle builder. A number of benefits come with adding a custom bundle builder to your eCommerce store, including:

1. Increased customer satisfaction.

For example, custom bundle builders can add value to your website. Instead of simply offering customers a standard bundle of products, a bundle builder allows them to build a customised product bundle. Not only does this ensure that your customers are getting exactly what they want, but it encourages customers to try new products and make the most out of subscription options.

2. Differentiation from competitors.

Regardless of the industry that you work in, driving more revenue as a business is always key. This can be difficult, especially with so many competitors out there offering similar products and services as you. Even if you are doing something unique, encouraging customers to purchase a bundle of products can be tough. With custom bundle builders, everything is easier; it’s easier for customers to group old and new products together, making customers feel as though they have received a truly personal and customised service.

3. Greater in-house control to customise your bundle builder.

One of the main advantages of custom bundle builders is that they follow the rules set out by you. You can allow customers to bundle their favourite products together, knowing that certain rules are in place to keep the bundles in line with what you are happy to offer. These can be changed quickly and easily, and the bundle rules are entirely down to you. You have the freedom to offer bundles to customers, but in a way that works for your products. For example, you can specify which products can be combined and which are limited to only being combined with certain other products. This gives customers guidance and restrictions while also allowing them to combine their favourite products.

4. Higher AOV and revenue from extra product sales.

As a happy result of the three previous benefits, with a custom product builder, you’re more likely to boost both your average order value (AOV) and generate additional revenue as customers are willing to pay to get exactly what they want!

Bundles in action: examples of blubolt custom bundle builders on Shopify.

At blubolt, we’re known for our high-performing and personality-filled custom work that includes an impressive collection of Shopify custom bundle builders. As an accredited Shopify Plus Partner, we have the knowledge and experience required to provide a wide range of bundle builders to businesses in various industries. It doesn’t matter if you sell one type of product or a variety; we can take care of everything from beginning to end.

Here are three examples of our handiwork:

1. Teapigs Pic n’ Mix builder.

One of the UK's best-loved tea brands, Teapigs, needed a way for customers to build their own tea boxes. Known as Pick n' Mix on the Teapigs site, our custom bundle builder was the perfect solution! Teapigs customers can now choose from a variety of box sizes, including “piglet” mini packs, and then build their own selection of teas or choose from popular combinations Teapigs created. See it in action.

2. Pipers Farm custom hamper builder.

Pipers Farm is an award-winning online butcher with impeccable sustainable farming credentials. They needed a way for customers to build their own hampers, combining the brand’s grass-fed and free-range meat with their extensive range of dairy, pantry and homeware products. Known as Build Your Own Hamper on the Pipers Farm site, our custom bundle builder was the perfect solution to create handcrafted hampers! Test the builder onsite.

3. Muc-Off bespoke Ride Box builder.

Muc-Off is known for making the most innovative bike and motorbike cleaning, lubricating, and protecting products on the market. They needed a way for customers to get regular deliveries of their favourite products. Known as Ride Boxes, our custom bundle builder ticks all the right boxes! Customers can now tell Muc-Off about their riding habits and create a personalised box of bike essentials to be delivered every three months! See it in action.

Shopify custom bundle builders: let’s get to work!

From standing out from the competition and giving customers what they want to generate more revenue, the value custom bundle builders on Shopify bring to the table is clear, whatever the vertical you operate in.

Looking for more information on our custom bundle builders? We're a personal and proactive Shopify Plus agency that designs, builds and optimises beautiful bespoke eCommerce solutions to help your brand grow faster. Explore our expert Shopify services, browse our client work for Shopify inspiration, or get in touch to discuss your own project today.

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