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Looking to upgrade your B2B eCommerce site? Combine the power of Shopify with the B2B expertise of blubolt.

Since 2006, we've been creating world-class B2B solutions. There's a secret sauce to delivering a successful B2B eCommerce website.
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We’ve helped elevate & grow these top brands.
Top brands trust blubolt for B2B eCommerce.
For over 15 years, blubolt have been trailblazers for beautiful, bold and technically brilliant B2B eCommerce websites powered by our own proprietary platform, bluCommerce. From fashion and homeware to food and drink, our platform was known for its impressive ability to meet the bespoke needs of retailers. Having helped some of the UK’s best-loved brands grow exponentially in both B2C and B2B, we now channel our expertise into Shopify Plus. Using our technical and creative expertise, we've been able to extend the feature-set to offer a truly powerful B2B solution; one that ensures all your B2B systems are connected as well as leading self-service frontend features for your B2B customers.
Shopify Plus Partner

Since 2006, we've been creating world-class B2B solutions.

There's a secret sauce to delivering a successful B2B eCommerce website. B2B success requires three crucial ingredients:

B2B platforms need to tightly integrate with the systems that control the data (e.g. an ERP, PIM, CRM or iPaaS) to ensure that B2B data is always kept in sync. This includes product, customer, and order data but may extend to shipping and tax rules.


A retailer's B2B channel can often be considerably larger than their B2C, yet the B2B design can appear tired and dated. It's important that B2B platforms offer a fresh and engaging visual experience, one that mirrors the merchant's B2C presence very closely.


B2B platforms need to give maximum control to the wholesale customer. This means giving them the tools they need to place orders and manage their account without needing customer or technical support.

Great Shopify B2B with blubolt
We offer you these six essential B2B self-service features.
Price list management.

The ability to set different pricing rules for customers, whether on a group level (e.g. VIP wholesale customers) or individual level (store ABC price list).

Quick ordering.

Being able to rapidly add products to an order, adjust quantities, import products at a line-item level via CSV, and to be able to save an order to come back to.

Customer tiers.

Being able to configure tiers of customers (e.g. master accounts and sub-accounts) that set different privilege levels to what actions can be performed.

Tiered price breaks.

Offering support for price breaks if the customer purchases multiples of an item (e.g. buy 1 at £4.20 per unit, buy 3 at £3.80 per unit).

My account area.

Allowing customers to see their full order history (ideally showing offline orders too), to view credit limits, and to be able to quickly reorder again.

Pack size management.

Ensuring customers can purchase products in the correct volumes on your B2B website, e.g. packs of 3, 6, 9, etc.

Our best-in-class Shopify Plus partners.
Our expert Shopify agency team makes data-driven decisions and uses best-of-breed technology partners to get the results you need on Shopify Plus. We're always on the hunt for new Shopify agency partners while also nurturing existing partners to get the very best technology and services for our clients.
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David Wyatt-Hupton

“The migration process with blubolt was seamless, with a well-executed project plan. Shopify Plus has opened new avenues, allowing us to introduce exciting features & improve team productivity with its ease of use!”

David Wyatt-Hupton
David Wyatt-Hupton
Retail Sales & Marketing Manager, Adnams Southwold
Josh Brockman

“Working with blubolt was fantastic; our project was managed seamlessly & delivered on time. We're really happy with the new site! Our customers have reacted well to the new Shopify Plus functionality & it’s perfectly designed for growth.”

Josh Brockman
Josh Brockman
eCommerce Manager, Misfits
Reece Downey

"Moving to Shopify Plus with blubolt has accelerated our momentum & given us a stable platform that also keeps pace with the industry. Migrating to Shopify Plus with blubolt’s support is the best decision I’ve made in 6 years with teapigs."

Reece Downey
Reece Downey
eCommerce Manager, teapigs
Ellie Sykes

"We’ve received positive feedback on our new Shopify Plus website delivered by blubolt, particularly with its easy navigation, and it has continued to increase conversions and revenue since launch!"

Ellie Sykes
Creative & Digital Manager, Never Fully Dressed
Marc Moore

"I would highly recommend blubolt! They've been extremely proactive as our Shopify Development partner for our eCommerce store. The team has an excellent knowledge of eCommerce and the needs of our stores"

Marc Moore
Marc Moore
Owner, Source BMX
Jonathan Beardsmore

"blubolt was exceptional throughout. We had an idea of what we wanted, and blubolt brought our concepts to life incredibly quickly. Their design team are not just highly talented but equally importantly, an absolute pleasure to work with."

Jonathan Beardsmore
Jonathan Beardsmore
eCommerce Manager, Greenover Sports
Charlotte Self

"We’ve had nothing but positive feedback on our new Shopify Plus site! Our customers find it much more user-friendly as the layout is clearer, it’s easier to find products, and the checkout is more efficient."

Charlotte Self
Marketing Manager, Whitehall Garden Centre
Erin Bishop

"blubolt’s Date & Delivery Selector App has been a big win for us. It’s increased customer trust and saved us countless hours in administration! With the app, our customers now have more choice and a more accurate timeframe for deliveries."

Erin Bishop
Erin Bishop
eCommerce Manager, Cutter & Squidge
Paul Hayes

"Over the years, the teams from blubolt and Seasalt have worked well together. The key benefit is that we've developed a site tailored to our exact needs, which works perfectly in terms of what we want to create with our customer experience."

Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes
CEO, Seasalt of Cornwall
Teresa Ktistaki

"Our customers have been so positive about the new Shopify Plus site, highlighting how user-friendly it is. The proof is in the metrics: since launch, our conversion rate has increased to 3%, and revenue is up by 200% YoY."

Teresa Ktistaki
Senior eCommerce Manager, Chelsea Peers
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