We’re delighted to announce RIXO is live with a gorgeous new Shopify Plus site by blubolt!

RIXO: about the brand.

Founded by Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey in 2015, the premium womenswear brand RIXO is known for beautifully curated collections of vintage-inspired pieces with hand-painted clashing prints, vibrant colours, and a fabulous fit. The brand is on a mission to “dress you to feel your very best, in pieces you’ll treasure for years to come.”

A flexible, modular approach with Shopify’s Online Store 2.0.

“Already enjoying the power of Shopify Plus, RIXO were ready for a fresh look that highlighted the modern, premium nature of the brand,” says Kaja Sztuczka, Project Manager at blubolt. “Additionally, RIXO wanted greater creative freedom and flexibility to change the site to drive conversions and boost AOV.”

With this in mind, the blubolt team delivered a gorgeous new site on Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 that unlocked a multitude of features. As a result, RIXO’s team now have greater in-house control and the power to customise the website.

A sophisticated theme design to match RIXO’s elegant vintage aesthetic.

“RIXO is known for its unique vintage-inspired look and great fit, so we applied this to the new Shopify Plus site,” says Madeleine Gale, Senior UX/UI Designer at blubolt. “Thanks to Online Store 2.0’s ‘sections everywhere’, the RIXO team can modify pages as they wish. For example, the stylish shapes seen on different areas of each page can be tailored by section and device.” The blubolt team also enabled RIXO to control the spacing with margins set by section and device for a perfect fit with the content. In addition, RIXO now has the option to add dividing lines (choosing both thickness and colour) to visually separate sections on each page as needed. The resulting design is dynamic and contemporary, just like the brand!

Delivering a perfect fit & exclusivity for loyal customers.

“Helping customers find exactly what they’re looking for with an informative, easy and enjoyable shopping experience was a priority for RIXO,” says Tom Bellew, Senior Developer at blubolt. “As such, we walked through every step of the customer journey to unlock settings and add features to deliver this.” For example, rather than employing a generic size guide on the PDP, the blubolt team delivered product-specific sizing and fit information pulled from product metafields. Also, the team integrated try-before-you-buy service from Harper Concierge (London only), ‘style it with’ sliders from Nosto, pre-ordering from Purple Dot, in-store availability from Stofind, and wishlist and back-in-stock notifications from Swym.

Additionally, the blubolt team enabled RIXO to create locked collections of products that can only be seen and accessed by the brand’s most loyal customers (those that have accounts and receive emails).

New season features & functionality.

To round out a fantastic customer eCommerce experience, the blubolt team added further features and functionality to the new Shopify Plus site. This included a choice of three product stickers on the PLPs using metafields (for example, to highlight extended sizing or RIXO exclusives), Shopify Markets for four locations, and a nifty footer that uses geolocation targeting to show the customer’s nearest RIXO store. The team also enabled the customisation of images for collection pages (RIXO can choose a different collection image using alt tags instead of automatically selecting it) and change the fonts and colours by collection using custom fields.

The RIXO blog - titled The Edits - is another stand-out and fully bespoke area of the site. Its sleek editorial-style posts were achieved with a base template that RIXO can extensively customise with different sections for a magazine look and feel.

Lastly, we used best-in-class tech partners for the project including:

  • Dotdigital for email marketing,

  • Loqate for address validation,

  • Simply Book Me for events, stylists appointment, bridal appointments, and

  • Yotpo for SMS, UGC and reviews focusing on the brand’s #humansofrixo that’s so successful on Instagram.

Try it on for size: visit RIXO’s Shopify Plus store today.

Looking for Shopify inspiration for a project of your own? Head over to RIXO to see our work in action!

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