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Our free Replatforming Masterclass
Our complimentary, obligation-free Replatforming Masterclass
will show you how to successfully manage your eCommerce migration project.
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We don't just elevate brands, we elevate the people working for them.

We’ve excelled in the eCommerce industry since 2006, built our own platform, and mastered the power of Shopify Plus. As a result, we’ve got the experience and expertise to help you elevate your eCommerce game! Our in-depth masterclasses will give you the information, tools and confidence to deliver your eCommerce project successfully.
Shopify Plus Partner
Shopify Plus Partner
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eCommerce Replatforming Masterclass.
eCommerce Replatforming Masterclass.

Ready to deliver a high-performing, head-turning eCommerce website migration? Our complimentary and obligation-free masterclass is available to UK retailers planning an eCommerce replatforming project. We’ll share our expertise from over 400 successful eCommerce projects and bring it all to life with an abundance of client examples.

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Answering Your Top 6 Fears About Shopify Plus.
Answering Your Top 6 Fears About Shopify Plus.

Considering a Shopify Plus migration but having doubts? In this masterclass, we dissect retailers' most common concerns about Shopify Plus with a raft of client examples and data drawn from over 400 successful eCommerce projects. As a result, you’ll feel confident in judging whether Shopify Plus is the right platform for you.

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What you'll learn.

Our range of eCommerce Masterclasses eschews sales pitches of any kind! Whatever the topic, you’ll end up with a treasure trove of eCommerce intelligence and client examples to apply to your own project or eCommerce website. Common to all our Masterclasses is learning how to:
  • Build and tailor a checklist of essential questions for your project, potential partners and suppliers.

  • Effectively budget for your current project while also factoring in ongoing optimisation and development.

  • Navigate your project (whether it’s a replatform, redesign or ongoing tweaks), avoiding common pitfalls and identifying opportunities.

  • Understand the correct process for your project, from the initial project scope through to the design and technical aspects.

Why we're your perfect match
We’ll help you elevate your eCommerce game.
Relax with complimentary, sales pitch free learning.

As Masterclass hosts, we’re known for freely sharing our eCommerce knowledge and experience while studiously avoiding sales pitches of any kind. So sign-up, sit back and soak up our expertise with no strings attached!

Enjoy eCommerce inspiration galore.

With over 400 eCommerce projects successfully completed, we’ll bring the key learning points to life with an abundance of client examples. We’ll give you a fresh perspective and spark ideas for your own projects.

Engage in real-time, free-flowing conversation.

Hosted by one of our in-house experts on a Zoom video call, blubolt Masterclasses are fun, friendly and interactive. We don't record the sessions to encourage open discussion and questions throughout.

Ask questions in a small but perfectly formed class.

We know Zoom calls can be awkward with too many people, so we restrict participant numbers and also accept only UK retailers. This provides ample time to discuss your project and ensures the content is relevant to you.

Absorb true eCommerce & Shopify Plus expertise.

We’re not your typical Shopify Plus agency; we’ve mastered our craft by first building our own successful eCommerce platform from scratch. We’re also the quickest agency ever to gain Shopify Plus Partner accreditation.

Learn how to push boundaries with innovative solutions.

Our rich technical heritage has imbued our fully in-house agency team with lateral thinking and a problem-solving attitude. We’ll show you how to best practices while developing custom solutions for your eCommerce site.

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