Fashion brands on Shopify Plus.

Despite an abundance of eCommerce platforms, fashion brands continue to flock to Shopify Plus. Being the most scaled commerce platform on the planet, Shopify Plus appeals to a variety of businesses, sectors and industries. However, Shopify Plus is especially popular with fashion brands and retailers, and in this post, we cover why!

Our top 9 benefits of using Shopify Plus for fashion brands.

1. Low-cost, premium user experience.

With Shopify Plus, it’s possible for fashion brands to offer a premium shopping experience to their customers without breaking the bank. With so much to pay for in terms of digital marketing and advertising, even the most successful fashion brands need to be mindful of what they are spending. It’s important to find a balance between affordability and user experience, which is what Shopify Plus offers. Customers benefit from a premium and luxury shopping experience, and fashion brands benefit from Shopify Plus, which is a low-cost solution. Read more about Shopify Plus pricing here.

2. Optimise for speed and sales.

With Shopify Plus, an eCommerce website can be optimised for speed and sales. It boasts a quick and simple checkout process (the fastest in the market), which encourages shoppers to make a purchase. Everything about Shopify Plus is customisable, and there is a large focus on mobile users, which is important considering how many customers shop on the go.

3. Great technical support.

Shopify Plus provides dedicated support to its customers at all times, including giving every fashion brand a dedicated account manager and 24/7 technical support. This can be especially important for fashion brands that need to ensure their online store is always running smoothly or those who are just starting out in eCommerce.

4. Local experiences available to customers worldwide.

Though a lot of shopping has moved online, customers still seek local and bespoke shopping experiences. They don’t want to simply feel like another customer; they want to feel valued and appreciated by their chosen brands. With Shopify Plus, fashion brands can provide customers with a shopping experience that feels local, personal, and tailored to their individual needs while providing their products worldwide. Shopify Plus allows fashion brands to use various currencies and languages, ensuring that every customer can shop in a way that works for them. Read more about Shopify Markets and how to go global on Shopify Plus.

5. Reliable way of processing transactions.

Fashion brands and Shopify Plus have the same goal in mind: to process a large number of transactions at any one time. With some platforms, this can be difficult, especially on days when a website has higher than average website traffic, for example, during a sale or in the lead-up to Christmas. With Shopify Plus, fashion brands can relax, knowing that unlimited transactions can be processed simultaneously. Shopify Plus also boasts 99.99% uptime, which means there is very little chance of the website being down and the products being unreachable to customers.

6. Convey a strong brand story.

With so many fashion brands out there, telling the story of a brand can make it stand out and make a statement. This is easy to do with Shopify Plus, especially as so much of the platform can be customised. Fashion brands can use lookbooks, interactive content, videos, augmented reality, and virtual reality to showcase their products. This is an effective way of showcasing what the brand is, what the brand stands for and what the brand has to offer that’s different from other similar retailers in the fashion industry.

7. Highly customisable.

Shopify Plus provides many customisation options, which allow fashion brands to create unique online shopping experiences for their customers. Brands can use the platform to build custom themes, add new features and integrations, and tailor their checkout process to meet customers’ specific needs. It’s also a flexible platform that can be integrated with a wide range of applications and services, allowing fashion brands the chance to use other tools and technologies they may already be using, such as stock management systems and shipping services. All of the above is supercharged with Shopify’s Online Store 2.0, which you can read about here.

8. Quick to make changes and update a website.

There is a lot that goes into Shopify Plus, and creating an impressive website takes time, but that doesn’t mean that changes are time-consuming and complex. Fashion brands using Shopify Plus can make changes quickly, using a small number of people. There is no need to have a vast and expensive team of experts. Not only does this speed up the entire process of updating a website, but it also helps cut costs.

9. Shopify Plus can be scaled.

Most fashion brands aim to grow, develop, and expand until they become sought-after, worldwide ‘must-have’ retailers. To do this, it’s important to have an online presence that can be scaled alongside business growth. Shopify Plus is cloud-based, so it’s a great choice for brands planning to scale their business. As traffic and sales increase, so do Shopify Plus’ capabilities.

Fabulous fashion brands on Shopify Plus with blubolt.

As a top UK Shopify Plus Partner agency, we’ve worked with many fashion brands over the years. Check out some of our work in this vertical below.

1. RIXO: showcasing original style on Shopify Plus.

Founded by Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey in 2015, the premium womenswear brand RIXO is known for beautifully curated collections of vintage-inspired pieces with hand-painted clashing prints, vibrant colours, and a fabulous fit.

“RIXO were ready for a fresh look that highlighted the modern, premium nature of the brand,” says Kaja Sztuczka, Project Manager at blubolt. “Additionally, RIXO wanted greater creative freedom and flexibility to change the site to drive conversions and boost AOV.” With this in mind, we delivered a gorgeous new site on Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 to do just that. Read more about the project here.

RIXO website on Shopify Plus

2. Bella Freud: from Magento to Shopify Plus with +20% conversions.

Synonymous with upmarket irreverence and intellectual playfulness, Bella Freud channels this into her 70s-inspired collection of knitwear, tailored suits, and dresses.

Seeking a stable platform to scale at speed, the Bella Freud team wanted to migrate from bug-ridden Magento to Shopify Plus. They also required greater in-house control over the website so they could adapt on the fly and have more creative input. As such, we produced a sleek and speedy site with standardised templates so the in-house team could quickly adapt the website to changing circumstances. What’s more, they can now unleash their creativity to reflect the spontaneous, innovative nature of the brand on the website.

“Thanks to the site optimisations made in the last 12 months, we’ve seen great results year on year, for example, +20% conversions, +13% new users and -10% bounce rate,” says Joseph O’Donnell, Marketing Manager at Bella Freud. “The Shopify Plus site really helps us put our creative assets in the right places. This aids in telling the brand story, which is essential for a brand like ours built on storytelling.” Read more about the project here.

Bella Freud website on Shopify Plus

3. Never Fully Dressed: increased conversions & revenue on Shopify Plus.

Never Fully Dressed is a womenswear label known for its on-trend yet sophisticated designs. From chic velvet dresses to daring leopard print shirts, the brand offers styles that can be dressed up or down.

Never Fully Dressed wanted to refresh the website's look while also upgrading performance. The in-house team briefed blubolt on a new custom theme, greater creative freedom, and more internal administrative control. In addition, the team wanted to optimise the mobile-first experience, customer journey, site speed and conversion rates.

‘We’ve received positive feedback on our website, particularly with its easy navigation, and it has continued to increase conversions and revenue since launch!’ says Elly Sykes, Creative & Digital Manager at the brand. In short, the Never Fully Dressed team are dressed for success! Read more about the project here.

4. G.H. Bass: stepping up from Magento to Shopify Plus.

G.H. Bass was founded in 1876. This premium American brand has a long history of innovation, quality and craftsmanship with its range of hand-sewn shoes.

Seeking a stable and adaptable platform to drive growth in the UK and Europe, the G.H. Bass team wanted to migrate from slow, bug-ridden Magento to Shopify Plus. “The team wanted to invest their time and energy into growing the business rather than fixing Magento issues,” says Scott MacDonald, Client Services Director at blubolt. “To facilitate this, we built the new site on Shopify’s Online Store 2.0, resulting in a speedy, flexible, highly customisable site with more in-house control.” Read more about the project here.

GH Bass website on Shopify Plus

5. Chelsea Peers: the cat's pyjamas with +200% revenue.

Chelsea Peers is a colourful, exuberant and hugely positive loungewear brand founded in New York by fun-loving actress Lara and entrepreneur Tom.

Chelsea Peers was ready for a fresh, more sophisticated design to elevate the website design, so it reflected the brand as it is now. Another objective was to use close integrations with a select group of tech partners. Now armed with a sophisticated bespoke theme, tight tech integrations, and the new capabilities of Online Store 2.0, Chelsea Peers’ new site has already delivered impressive results.

Teresa Ktistaki, Senior eCommerce Manager at Chelsea Peers, said of the project, “Our customers have been so positive about the new site, highlighting how user-friendly it is. For our in-house team, tools like Launchpad and Shopify Flow have streamlined our collection and promotion launches. We also love the easy-to-customise homepage and product page segments. The proof is in the metrics: since launch, our conversion rate has increased to 3%, and revenue is up by 200% YoY!” Read more about the project here.

6. WYSE London - a sleek redesign with added functionality on Shopify Plus.

WYSE London is a premium fashion brand known for offering beautifully designed clothing for women with a sense of joie de vivre seeking to elevate their look.

"Already enjoying the power of Shopify Plus, WYSE sought a modern, sleek and elevated design to better showcase the high-quality products and premium nature of the brand,” says Kaja Sztuczka, Senior Project Manager at blubolt. “Additionally, WYSE wanted to more easily manage changes to product statuses (for example, for pre-orders, notify me when available, and coming soon), communicate their sizing system, and focus on nurturing their community of loyal customers.” We delivered all of that and more in a sophisticated site design. Read more about the project here.

WYSE London website on Shopify Plus

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