Get the lowdown on the benefits of using Shopify Plus.

Are you thinking of migrating to Shopify Plus? As the "best-ranked commerce platform for conversion, performance, and agility," it's an obvious choice for brands wanting to scale rapidly and expand into new market territories. In this post, we'll explore the top ten benefits of migrating to Shopify Plus and case studies to help you make an informed decision!

Key benefits of Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level eCommerce platform designed for high-growth businesses and large enterprises. It offers a range of advanced features and benefits compared to the standard Shopify plans. Here are some of the key benefits of Shopify Plus:

1. Easy to scale & reliable performance.

  • High traffic management. Handles high traffic volumes and large transaction loads without compromising performance.

  • Reliable infrastructure. Shopify Plus guarantees 99.99% uptime, ensuring your store is always available to customers.

2. Customisation & flexibility.

  • Customisable checkout. Shopify has the “world’s best checkout” and released Checkout Extensibility last year, which allows merchants to customise their eCommerce checkout experience with a range of new apps and branding tools.

  • API access. Enhanced API limits and access to exclusive APIs for deeper customisation and integration with third-party systems.

3. Advanced automation.

  • Shopify Flow. An automation platform that helps streamline business processes such as order management, inventory tracking, and customer segmentation.

  • Launchpad. A tool for scheduling and automating sales campaigns, product releases, and other events.

4. Global reach.

  • Multiple store management. Easily manage multiple stores, each tailored to different markets or regions, from a single account. Read more about multi-store multi-brand architecture here and check out our project for ZyroFisher, where we delivered an enterprise solution for eight brands on Shopify Plus.

  • Localised experiences. Support for multiple languages and currencies to cater to a global customer base. Read more on selling internationally on Shopify Plus.

5. Dedicated support & services.

  • Priority Support. Merchants get 24/7 access to a dedicated team of Shopify Plus support specialists.

  • Merchant Success Program. A dedicated account manager provides strategic guidance to help maximise the platform’s potential and grow your business.

6. Enhanced security.

  • PCI compliance. Shopify Plus is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, ensuring the highest level of security for payment processing.

  • Fraud protection. Advanced fraud detection and prevention tools to safeguard your business and customers.

7. Cost efficiency.

  • Great value. Whether you’re migrating from a well-known platform like Magento or a custom platform, Shopify Plus offers a lower total cost of ownership, freeing up your budget for other activities.

  • Lower transaction fees. Reduced transaction fees compared to standard Shopify plans, which can significantly lower costs for high-volume merchants.

  • Custom pricing. Flexible and negotiable pricing based on your business needs and volume.

8. Seamless third-party integrations.

  • App integrations. Access to a wide range of apps and integrations specifically designed for Shopify Plus merchants, enabling seamless connectivity with other business tools and services.

  • ERP and CRM integration. Smooth integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

9. Marketing & conversion tools.

  • Shopify Plus partners. Access to a network of certified partners and agencies - like blubolt - specialising in marketing, design, and development for Shopify Plus.

  • Personalised promotions. Advanced tools for creating personalised promotions and discounts to enhance customer engagement and conversion rates.

10. Rapidly expanding wholesale & B2B capabilities.

Shopify Plus includes features tailored for B2B commerce, such as the ability to create separate wholesale storefronts. These storefronts can have different pricing, payment terms, and product catalogues, enabling businesses to cater seamlessly to retail and wholesale customers. Read more about how to do B2B on Shopify.

Browse these four brands enjoying the benefits of Shopify Plus.

RIXO: the vintage-inspired fashion brand.

RIXO was ready for a fresh look to highlight the brand's modern, premium nature. The team also wanted greater creative freedom and flexibility to change the site to drive conversions and boost AOV.

Working with RIXO, we integrated their website with a host of new Shopify Plus features, such as:

  • Implementing three product strikers on PLPs with metafields for extended sizing

  • Added a geolocation tag to the footer to display the customer’s nearest RIXO store

  • Enabled customisable images for collection pages using alt tags

The early results are impressive: a 78% increase in average transaction value!

WatchHouse: delivering a modern coffee experience.

Founded in a former 19th-century watch house on the famed Bermondsey Street in London, WatchHouse embodies a modern approach to coffee. The brand’s focus on provenance, high quality and attention to detail is evident across its 14 locations and eCommerce site. See more on the project here.

WYSE London: sophisticated functionality for a sophisticated brand.

Premium fashion brand WYSE London sought a modern, sleek, and elevated design to better showcase its high-quality products. Additionally, WYSE wanted to more easily manage changes to product statuses (for example, for pre-orders, notify me when available and coming soon), communicate its sizing system, and focus on nurturing its community of loyal customers. Read more on the WYSE London project, and how blubolt helped the brand maximise the features and functionality of Shopify Plus here.

I Love Wallpaper: banishing the beige on Shopify Plus.

Founded in 1993, I Love Wallpaper was created as a personality-filled alternative for homeowners wanting more than generic ‘magnolia’ walls. Offering a wide range of wallpapers, murals and accessories, the brand helps customers identify their own style and create interiors they love. Browse the project here.

Upgrade to Shopify Plus with blubolt.

Overall, Shopify Plus offers a robust, flexible, and scalable platform with a suite of advanced features designed to support the unique needs of large and fast-growing eCommerce businesses.

Looking for an agency to help you make the move? We’re blubolt, the digital commerce specialist helping ambitious Shopify Plus brands extract maximum value from their digital marketing investment.

Explore our expert Shopify services and browse our work for Shopify inspiration. Our clients include top brands like RIXO, Never Fully Dressed, Green People, WatchHouse Coffee, Abbott Lyon, Teapigs and Robert Welch. Get in touch to discuss your requirements. We would love to help!

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