At Shopify Pursuit last week, developers and partners gathered to discuss the conference theme - Turning Ideas Into Action. In that spirit, our resident Shopify Plus expert, Leigh Barnes, shares his conference insights below so you can turn them into actions!

Shopify Pay Is Now Shop Pay

Jean-Michel Lemieux, Shopify CTO, advised that Shopify Pay is now called Shop Pay in his keynote address. In addition, he highlighted that Shopify's biggest merchants are delivering an impressive 40,000 orders or more per minute. For more information, read our recent blog post covering the Shop Pay name change.

Sections Everywhere

In May last year, Shopify announced plans to entirely rebuild the Shopify online store experience. The new store experience is currently in beta for developers. However, Jean-Michel Lemieux alluded to the new store experience being ready by Shopify Unite in May 2020. Learn more about the new store design, which includes sections on every page type, on our blog here.

Shopify Store Experience Rebuild - sections will be everywhere!

New Performance Dashboard

Shopify is introducing a new Performance Dashboard to help merchants optimise stores quickly based on performance insights. Coming soon, the dashboard is due in the next 3-4 months.

Shopify CTO Jean-Michel Lemieux discusses the new Performance Dashboard

Headless eCommerce Possibilities

Unsurprisingly, the trend for headless ecommerce continues. For instance, one speaker explained that “when building a headless Shopify platform, the possibilities are endless."

Page building platform, Shogun, announced that they’re entering the headless space with their new product, Shogun Frontend. For example, this product allows brands to create a customised online storefront while using Shopify Plus as their back end.

For more information on headless commerce, and whether it’s right for you, read our guide.

Shogun Founder, Nick Raushenbush, providing a demonstration of the platform.

Future Updates

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