The top eCommerce trends for 2024.

The eCommerce scene is changing fast, and 2024 is about to roll out some seriously cool trends that are sure to shake up our online shopping game. We're talking about everything from B2B sites making an impactful comeback to more custom checkout experiences.

1. The rise of B2B and wholesale eCommerce.

As technology advances, the hurdles to B2B and wholesale eCommerce are being systematically dismantled, as we explore here. With eCommerce platforms, in particular, Shopify Plus, stepping up their game with greater B2B support and investment, the stage is set for a B2B/wholesale bonanza! So this year, we expect to see a rise in smoother experiences for B2B eCommerce customers that more closely mirror the quality of B2C sites. If you're a B2B buyer and looking to learn more, download The 2024 eCommerce Buyers Guide.

2. Personalised checkout experiences.

It's not just about what's on the virtual shelves anymore; it's about the end-to-end journey for users. With the new checkout updates from Shopify, store owners will be getting creative with checkout pages, making them feel much more on brand. Thanks to the flexible checkout features, brands will be able to apply way more in-depth customisation and functionality to create truly unique experiences.

3. Accessible websites becoming the norm.

With new laws coming into play in 2025, eCommerce sites are feeling the heat to up their accessibility game. Legal troubles aside, websites are becoming more inclusive and user-friendly for everyone due to the increase in awareness. In the coming year, businesses are getting serious about creating platforms that cater to everyone, making online shopping a better experience.

Need some help? Check out our recent post on embracing eCommerce accessibility, covering the key considerations when designing an eCommerce website for great accessibility.

4. Brand-driven sites.

Keep an eye out for eCommerce sites that tell a story. It's not just about selling products; it's about embodying the brand essence and creating a connection that lasts beyond a simple transaction. Online retailers are ditching the basics for immersive brand adventures to create more of a community space for consumers who want to be part of it. For inspiration, browse the stunning Shopify Plus site we delivered for the brand-driven fashion label Bella Freud.

5. Beyond shopping: elevated offerings.

Brands may be stepping up their website offerings to achieve a site that really does it all. Think concierge services, styling sessions, and virtual events – it's all about making your online shopping experience more immersive and exciting. Premium fashion brand RIXO does this exceptionally well with a try-before-you-buy service via Harpers Concierge. Read more on the RIXO project here.

6. Account areas getting a glow-up.

Forget the basic account areas you see across every Shopify store. We predict brands will give their account areas some much-needed TLC for users and tangible benefits for signing up. Long-term relationships can be built by offering a more user-friendly and brand-led experience plus some extra perks. Whether it's exclusive discounts, early access to the latest goodies, or tailored recommendations – the focus is on making your account area an integral and personalised part of your overall shopping adventure. Find inspiration from RIXO and Astrid & Miyu.

2024 eCommerce trends in a nutshell.

Get ready for 2024 – it's bringing a fresh wave of eCommerce trends that scream innovation, accessibility, and all things brand-centric. From B2B platforms making a comeback to customisable checkouts and accessible websites, the industry is changing to fit the evolving needs of consumers. Brace yourself for a more engaging and immersive online shopping journey, where it's not just about the buy but the connection between consumers and their favourite brands. Exciting times ahead!

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