With eCommerce optimisation ever-present in the mind of retailers, we’re taking a look at our recent CRO work with blubolt client, BushWear. Read on to see how we’ve helped BushWear optimise PDP pages with fantastic results!

BushWear: about the brand.

Based in Stirling, Scotland, BushWear is the UK’s leading outdoor clothing and footwear brand. With a maxim of ‘Grab Life By The Horns’, the brand is considered the go-to supplier by hunting, stalking, and shooting enthusiasts.

The optimisation challenge.

BushWear had a considerable amount of users dropping off the Product Detail Pages (PDP) instead of continuing their journey and adding products to the cart. As such, the challenge was to identify why this was happening and then implement measures to fix it to drive more conversions.

The CRO solutions (we don’t beat around the bush!)

1. Gathering intel on the PDP.

“Before making changes to the site, it’s crucial to understand what’s really happening on site first,” says Danny Guevara, CRO expert at blubolt. “To get started, we set up a short onsite survey to get feedback on the existing PDP pages from users. For example, asking users if anything was preventing them from buying today.

From these survey responses, the CRO team gleaned valuable insights. For example, some users indicated that they hadn’t purchased because they didn’t have enough information on the PDP to decide which size would fit. Identifying this friction point enabled the team to address these concerns in a new PDP design.

2. Designing a new PDP on Shopify Online Store 2.0.

“With our survey intelligence and analysis in hand, we took forward several recommendations for a new Product Details Page design,” says Danny Guevara, CRO expert at blubolt.“

For example, on the new PDP design created with Shopify Online Store 2.0:

  • the image gallery moved from the right to the left on the desktop version,

  • product information was organised with a streamlined design to make it easier for the user to find the information (particularly on sizing),

  • more detailed product information was displayed in open accordions, and

  • new branded content blocks displayed more information about each brand.

3. Testing & learning about our new PDP design.

As CRO experts on Shopify, our optimisation team naturally tested the new PDP design first.

By pitching the new design against the old with a theme A/B test, we could determine which design performed better before launching the new PDP design across the whole site.

The CRO result: it’s a bullseye!

We ran the A/B test for 13 days, and the results were impressive:

  • eCommerce CvR uplift: +8.02%

  • Revenue uplift: +16.46%

What's more, we garnered additional learnings from the test period that we will implement in future optimisation activities, such as investigating specific segments and making improvements to the user journey to drive a higher conversion rate.

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