We’ve launched a tea-riffic new ecommerce site: the Tetley Tea shop has launched on Shopify Plus.

Tetley Tea: about the brand.

For 180 years, the Tetley team have been delivering flavourful teas for tea-loving Britain. Born in Yorkshire, the brand now has an extensive product collection, ranging from everyday tea and decaf to fruity cold infusions and healthy super teas.

The new Shopify Plus shop: full-flavoured, vibrant & refreshing. Just like the tea!

A fresh brew on Shopify Plus.

Migrating from Drupal to the power of Shopify Plus, Tetley Tea sought a complete redesign. “High on the Tetley team’s agenda was a friendly and approachable user experience,” says Skylar Moffatt, Project Manager at blubolt. “In addition, they wanted more in-house control over their website and to ensure it could adapt and grow with them.”

Beau-tea-ful: a characterful and engaging design to capture the brand.

“Tetley is a well-known, trusted tea brand with an extensive product range, so the new site needed to reflect this,” says Matt Richards, Head of Design at blubolt. “Consequently, we delivered a clean, modern and bespoke Shopify Plus theme. The website now tells the story behind each type of tea and easily guides users through the buying journey.” For example, the full-width hero banner on the Homepage showcases the sharp product imagery to full effect. Then the streamlined Top Picks and collections sections highlight all the product options to create an enjoyable, user-friendly shopping experience.

The home(page) of tea: Tetley's new online shop.

Fit to a T: supercharged features & functionality.

The product pages continue with the informative tone and streamlined look,” says Harry Manister, Senior Frontend Developer at blubolt. “Each contains specific brewing instructions and top tips from a Tetley Tea Master.” Lastly, the team set up live chat with Chatra and Instagram feed with Covet Pics.

Tetley.co.uk: par-tea-ing on Shopify Plus.

So feeling parched for Shopify Plus inspiration? Explore Tetley Tea’s new store.

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