How’s your website performing? When did you last spend some quality time on a design and UX audit? Fancy a free design and UX audit?

In the fast-changing world of ecommerce, you know it’s crucial to keep up with new technology, competitors and customer expectations to ensure your website is still performing for you. But in reality, it’s easy to get bogged down with the day-to-day and become immune to those issues holding you back from more conversions.

So we’re here to help. Here are five great reasons why you need our free design and UX audit:

1. It’s Comprehensive

Operating in silos is a curse of the modern eCommerce age. And so, success has to be all about making the connections to get ahead of the competition. At blubolt, our design and UX audit process reviews your entire website.

We dig deep into your website to focus on usability analysis, speed optimisation, aesthetics and design. We also conduct an all-important device health check and conclude with an implementation plan suggesting ways to boost conversion rates across your store.

2. It’s Personalised And 100% Made By Humans

You won’t find any standardised speak in our audits. We’re all about bespoke, personalised service to help you succeed. So whether your website is suffering from page-load issues, design dilemmas, cart catastrophes or a combination of the three, we’ll highlight all the key areas where you could be missing conversion opportunities.

To get started, simply complete the request form, make a cuppa and let us take care of the rest. And, if you want even more personalisation, feel free to supply details on any specific woes and/or access to your analytics platform. One week later, we’ll have your beautiful, tailored audit report ready to rock your (eCommerce) world.

3. We’re Objective

Over the last decade, our design & UX services have helped grow some of the UK’s largest online retailers. So we bring not only fresh eyes to your website but also objective eCommerce expertise. You may have spent months tinkering with your checkout page or toying with your calls to action, but if either are holding you back we’ll be the first to tell you. And how to fix it, of course.

4. We’ll Give You A Plan To Run With

We won’t just provide observations, that’s not the blubolt way. We’ll also give you guidance on how you can actually implement our suggestions to improve conversions. From quick wins to bigger projects or new tech partner suggestions, our audit will give you food for thought and a meaty action list.

Upon completion of the audit, we’ll talk you through our findings on a video call, where you can ask our team of approachable experts any questions. We'll then email the full report.

5. It’s Free. Really.

At blubolt, we’re not fans of the hard-sell; we just love helping people and brands flourish in the highly competitive arena of eCommerce. We’ll simply produce your design and UX audit to our trademark high standards and let our work speak for itself.

We suspect you’ll be mightily impressed. From clients surprised at the quality and detail of the report, to those who enjoyed a test-drive of blubolt’s capabilities, we’ve got a long list of satisfied customers. Why not take us for a spin today?

A free design & UX audit sounds brilliant! What do I do now?

Sign-up for our free Design and UX Audit here. We look forward to working with you.

Have your own ecommerce project?

Browse our client work for inspiration here, or if you need assistance with a Shopify Plus project of your own, get in touch with us here. We would love to help!

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