Today, we welcome blubolt partner and eCommerce fulfilment expert Huboo to the blog! Andrew Mostert, Digital Marketing Lead at Huboo, explains how to grow your Shopify Plus store with super fast delivery (it’s easier than you think).

Super fast delivery on Shopify.

Your Shopify Plus store has been beautifully crafted to create the ultimate retail experience; creating a VIP customer journey that attracts customers to the checkout. But are your shipping speeds restricting the number of customers who make it to and through the checkout?

In this post, we’ll explain:

  • the importance of next-day deliveries on your Shopify Plus store;

  • how to grow your Shopify Plus store with super fast delivery and

  • how to offer next-day delivery speeds.

The need for speed: customers have high expectations when it comes to delivery times.

Why offer fast shipping on your Shopify Plus store?

Your digital customer pool is larger and more internet savvy - willing to shop around, compare prices and buy directly from you rather than heading straight to Amazon.

However, increased online spending means more online retailers. To benefit from the digital boom, your Shopify store must attract, convert and retain customers before your competitors do, and fast shipping is your secret weapon.

Next-day Shopify deliveries enable you to:

1. Compete against online marketplaces.

Fast shipping on your Shopify Plus store provides customers with a comparable service to Amazon Prime and eBay Fast ‘N Free. By advertising next-day and 2-day delivery speeds on your Google Shopping ads, social media posts and Shopify Plus store, you attract customers away from these online marketplaces by offering the same convenience with the added benefits of buying directly.

2. Reduce cart abandonment.

Shipping speed and cost are two of the top reasons for cart abandonment. Offering next-day delivery on your Shopify Plus store overcomes purchase blockers by:

  • Meeting the speed needs of last-minute, impatient, and panic buyers,

  • Increasing trust in your brand by offering a premium shopping experience and

  • Triggering psychological reactions such as loss aversion, risk aversion and instant gratification that persuade shoppers to convert.

3. Increase average order value.

You can implement a minimum spend requirement for free next-day and 2-day deliveries to increase average order value and protect your brand against price wars and crashing profit margins.

4. Enhance customer loyalty.

Finally, when you successfully deliver orders on time and in full, you also deliver customer satisfaction. This creates customer loyalty, with 87% of shoppers more likely to shop with a brand again following a positive fast shipping experience.

How to grow your Shopify Plus store with fast shipping.

Together, the benefits of fast shipping significantly grow your Shopify Plus store - but there’s a little groundwork to do first.

1. Offer competitive delivery speeds.

You must offer delivery speeds that either meet or exceed your competitors’ speeds. Today, this means offering the choice of next-day or same-day delivery.

2. Set minimum spend requirements.

Free shipping is just as important to customers as fast shipping, with many customers willing to spend more to receive it. Implement minimum spend requirements to increase average order value and make fast shipping more affordable for your business.

3. Promote your super fast shipping.

Tell people how fast you ship by promoting your fast shipping speeds across the internet, including:

  • Shopify: using fast-shipping banners, product tags and pop-ups to ensure customers know about your delivery options.

  • Adverts: including fast shipping keywords in your Google Shopping ads and social media ads.

  • Marketing: referencing fast shipping in your cart abandonment emails, email headers and footers, and customer newsletters.

4. Benefit from fast shipping programs.

If you’re a multi-channel seller, extend your fast shipping speeds across your sales channels to benefit from fast shipping programs, including Amazon Prime, eBay Fast ‘N Free and OnBuy Fast & Free Delivery.

Fast shipping programs increase your marketplace visibility by boosting your search result placement, including your products in fast shipping-filtered search results, and qualifying you for the buy box.

5. Ask customers about their experience.

Eighty-two percent of customers are more likely to buy a product with positive star ratings and reviews. Use your fast delivery speeds to encourage social proof by asking customers to share their experience in product reviews and via user-generated content on social media.

Speedy shipping helps your brand grow faster

How to offer fast shipping on your Shopify Plus store.

The most critical consideration of offering fast shipping on your Shopify Plus store is delivering orders as quickly as you promise.

Eighty-four percent of customers won’t return to your store after a poor delivery experience. If they share that experience with family, friends or followers, you could lose hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers.

Luckily, you have three options for perfecting next-day delivery on your Shopify Plus store:

1. Fulfilling orders in-house.

You can fulfil orders yourself, using your own warehouse space, employees, and shipping carrier. This option is perfect if you’re already conducting in-house fulfilment and have the capacity and budget to incorporate next-day deliveries. This might involve:

  • Running extra warehouse shifts or recruiting temporary staff.

  • Extending your warehouse space or using multiple warehouse locations.

  • Negotiating next-day delivery and overnight shipping rates with your chosen courier.

2. Delivering via the Shopify Fulfillment Network.

You may have heard of Shopify’s new Fulfillment Network that provides an FBA-like service for Shopify sellers. Currently, this service is only available in the US, with little information on fees, shipping speeds, or multi-channel services.

3. Using a multi-channel fulfilment service.

You can outsource your Shopify Plus fulfilment for an expert to download, pick, pack, and ship Shopify next-day orders for you. Using a multi-channel Shopify fulfilment service is ideal if you cannot meet next-day delivery speeds in-house or don’t want to pay the multi-channel surcharges of FBA.


In summary, you already knew fast shipping was essential for eCommerce success, but what you might not have known was how easy it is to offer next-day deliveries on your Shopify Plus store. We hope this blog has taught you the different fulfilment options available to your e-commerce business and how next-day delivery boosts conversions, enhances marketing, and increases customer lifetime value.

About Huboo.

Huboo is an e-commerce fulfilment service specialising in providing Shopify Plus businesses with next-day deliveries across the UK. Simply integrate your Shopify store and let us deliver an outstanding shipping experience to your customers.

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