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Founded by ASOS alumni James Hart in 2016, KIDLY was conceived as THE destination store for modern shoppers with children aged 0-5 in their lives. The retailer offers a high-quality, stylish and cleverly curated range of clothing, toys and other baby and toddler essentials from their own label and selected third-party brands.
Fashion & apparel
Development, Design, Optimisation, bluprint For Success
The challenge

Delivering a fast & flexible eCommerce site built for growth on Shopify Plus.

“Top of the agenda was migrating KIDLY from a proprietary software platform to Shopify Plus,” says Cass Manning, Project Manager at blubolt. “The brand’s old site relied heavily on technical input and specialised expertise. So in replatforming, the KIDLY team wanted to reduce ongoing costs and simplify their in-house processes with a standardised eCommerce approach whilst maximising Shopify’s functionality and lifting overall website performance (including key metrics like AOV and CV). The brand also required new features like wishlists and subscriptions.”

The solutions

A sleek & speedy migration to Shopify Plus.

“Given the complexity of KIDLY’s existing site, the priority was a swift integration to Shopify Plus to immediately give the brand more in-house control and flexibility,” says Madeleine Gale, Design Lead at blubolt. “As such, the existing design was replicated to get the site live faster, and a phase 2 design overhaul is scheduled for post-launch.”

It takes a village: new features, including custom subscriptions.

“We improved wishlist functionality for better customer engagement - this enables KIDLY customers to create multiple wishlists for different occasions - as well as back-in-stock notifications and save-for-later functionality with an integration with Swym,” says Jon MacKinnon, Tech Lead at blubolt. “We also delivered a custom-built delivery subscription model linking with Ometria to deliver a seamless UX and offer customers the option to purchase delivery for a year.

Other tech partners include for reviews and UGC, Wisepops for pop-ups, Patchworks, Knotted Commerce and Shopify for product recommendations.

The results

Child’s play: KIDLY’s migration to Shopify Plus.

With the KIDLY team now enjoying the flexibility, in-house control and user-friendly Shopify Plus, they can focus on driving growth. And, of course, working with blubolt to deliver phase two of the project, so stay tuned!