A stylish new website has just walked out of our studio: Alexa Chung has launched on Shopify Plus.

Alexa Chung: about the brand.

Founded by Alexa Chung in 2017, her namesake fashion brand is as unique, quirky, and well-considered as the lady herself. Incorporating distinctive fabrics, bold prints, superb tailoring and feminine flair, Alexa Chung easily fulfils her brand vision: to create clothes that people want to wear.

With two in-season collections per year and stockists in over fifteen countries, the Alexa Chung team needed a new website not only to showcase their products. They also wanted more control over their website in order to scale-up faster and adapt to market demands more quickly. As such, they were eager to move from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus.

A quick move from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus.

Firstly, a fast and seamless migration from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus has provided the brand with a powerful, stable foundation for growth. Shopify Plus also gives the Alexa Chung team an abundance of in-house control they simply didn’t have before. As a result, they now have the ability to speedily adapt to changes within the brand and market.

Secondly, the custom theme provides a fresh new look and feel to the site while also streamlining the navigation. The result is a highly user-friendly experience that beautifully showcases the clothes and accessories on offer, alongside inspirational content from lookbooks and the Alexa’s World blog.

Well cut features & tailored tech partners.

With a brand personality as unique as Alexa Chung, blubolt took care to ensure all the website features and functionality reflected this. For example, a fabulous and highly-customisable wishlist from Smart Wishlist enables users to save their favourites without even logging in while Klaviyo offers personalised email marketing. Then, with the help of Shogun, the brand now has bespoke product pages and a sleek blog design.

Try on the new Alexa Chung store for size.

Looking for your own brilliantly designed, high-performing and one-of-a-kind Shopify Plus store? Get some inspiration from the store here.

Marcus Black, CEO at Alexa Chung, said of the project, “I am nothing but thrilled with the way the website has been handled. The process was superb, the delivery was in budget and on time. The end result is exactly what we wanted and expected for the first phase.“

Have your own Shopify Plus project?

If you’ve got a Shopify Plus project and need expert assistance, do get in touch with blubolt here. We would love to help!

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