We’ve just launched our own Shopify store selling a range of clothing, accessories, and homeware products featuring the beautiful blubolt ‘b’ icon. Better still, we’re donating all proceeds directly to our charity partner, Bowel Cancer UK. The launch coincides with the start of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month on the 1st of April. Read on to learn the story behind the blubolt Shopify store, what you can buy, and where the proceeds are going!

The blubolt store: check out the 'b' range today!

About our Shopify store.

As a leading Shopify Plus agency, we’re known for building bold and beautiful eCommerce websites for retailers. So how did we end up creating our own online store?

“Well, it all started when one of our technology partners asked where they could get one of the blubolt branded t-shirts we were wearing,” says Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder and Creative Director at blubolt. “They were a big fan of the 'b' symbol and when they learned the story behind it, they wanted to place an order. So the blubolt shop was born!”

Inside scoop: Chris Mattingly explains how the blubolt store came about.

The story behind the beautiful ‘b’.

What it means to us.

The 'b' icon has four key elements that embody our values, our past and our future:

  1. Dedication. It represents our commitment to supporting the essential work of Bowel Cancer UK. As such, we’ve integrated their brand colours of yellow and green.

  2. The colours. The four colours represent our four core strengths: creativity, technology, stability, and service. The four colours blend, overlap and complement each other, just as our strengths do.

  3. Flourishing. It represents the idea of a living thing flourishing, improving and growing. Just like a flower changing colour as it grows, develops and blooms, our logo’s gradient evolves.

  4. Legacy. It represents the legacy of a founding blubolt team member, Amy Mattingly, who passed away from bowel cancer in 2018. Amy brought creativity and enthusiasm to our lives and blubolt. The vibrant colours honour her sense of fun and passion for life.

But you can (b)e yourself!

The beauty and simplicity of the ‘b’ symbol means that you can decide what it represents to you. For example, could it be that you’re bold, brilliant, or brave? Or perhaps bonkers?! The options are endless so have fun with it!

Our 'b' icon: what does it mean to you?

So what’s in-store?

The blubolt Shopify store offers a collection of items we've hand-picked that feature our special 'b' symbol. From leisurewear like hoodies, t-shirts and baseball caps in a range of colours, to homewares like mugs, cushions, phone cases and tote bags, there’s something to suit everyone!

For all products you purchase, 100% of profits from the store go towards helping Bowel Cancer UK with their lifesaving work. Look on any product page and you'll see how much we donate for each item!

So many options: check out our 'b' range!

Going to a good cause: Bowel Cancer UK.

Why we're fundraising.

Since 2018, we've partnered with the Bowel Cancer UK charity. Our aim is to support their mission to save lives and improve the quality of life for all those affected by bowel cancer. It’s a charity close to our heart and in fundraising for them so far, we've taken part in skydives and marathons, hosted summer parties, pub quizzes and bake sales!

The new blubolt Shopify store is our next fundraising adventure and it’s just in time for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month starting on the 1st of April. We hope you’ll join us; every little contribution helps this great cause!

Luke Squires, Director of Fundraising at Bowel Cancer UK, says: “Every pound raised through blubolt’s new online shop means that Bowel Cancer UK can do more to stop people dying from the UK’s second-biggest cancer killer. We are unbelievably grateful for everything blubolt do to help fund our vital research and lifesaving work.”

How it works.

When you purchase a product from the blubolt store, we have your item specially ordered and despatched to you by our supplier, Printful.com. From the total price you pay, we deduct their fees and give the remainder directly to Bowel Cancer UK at the end of each month.

Supporting a great cause: Bowel Cancer UK

Visit our blubolt store!

So whether you’re looking to up your leisurewear game, score a stylish coffee mug, or simply find a conversation starter for your next Zoom call, our ‘b’ products will set you up nicely! Aid a great cause and purchase from our store here. All proceeds go to our charity partner, Bowel Cancer UK.

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