We’re delighted to have a guest post today from Helen Read, Stewardship Manager at Bowel Cancer UK, to officially launch their new online shop.

blubolt has been working with their team to create the new Shopify store with the aim of supporting sales of their branded products like t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, bracelets, and water bottles. Proceeds from these sales support the important work done by Bowel Cancer UK. Read Helen's post about the new online store below.

Introducing our friends at Bowel Cancer UK.

Today, we officially opened our new Bowel Cancer UK online shop! We’ve been so lucky to work with blubolt on this. They’ve created a really beautiful site that’s inviting for our supporters, and we have no doubt it will help to increase our sales.

The new Bowel Cancer UK online shop

The partnership: Bowel Cancer UK & blubolt.

As part of our partnership for the last two years, blubolt has been helping our charity to stop people dying of bowel cancer and has raised money and awareness of the disease. Now, through this new online shop, the blubolt team have given our income another boost, with 100% of profits from the store going towards our lifesaving work.

The new Bowel Cancer UK online shop.

Previously, our online shop had few items for sale, had very limited functionality, and didn’t really show our products to their best advantage. So when blubolt offered to design and build a Shopify store for us, we jumped at the chance!

Our new shop has an easy, modern, and streamlined design, which makes it user-friendly for our supporters. We also wanted to allow for future growth, so blubolt has prepared collection and product listing pages to be used when our product catalogue expands.

With our very limited funds, blubolt completed this important piece of work for us for free! Their expert, friendly staff completed all the design and development work (such an amazing gift), which we simply would never have been able to invest in otherwise.

The road ahead.

It’s been a particularly tough year for our charity, with our income falling substantially due to the Covid pandemic. And when lockdown started, we also had to temporarily close our online shop. Thankfully, we’ve now reopened bigger and better!

With the new Shopify site, we’ve also been able to connect our shop directly to a product producer. That means we can continue to sell products even if we have to go into lockdown again. During these uncertain times, that’s a real bonus.

For a good cause: visit the Bowel Cancer UK shop!

Why not take a look at blubolt’s handiwork and buy some of our unique products to help save lives? Visit bowelcanceruk.org/shop today.

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