We've got blooming marvellous news: we’ve just launched our latest eCommerce website for Nova Blooms on the Shopify Plus platform.

Nova Blooms: About The Brand

The good people at Nova Blooms offer ethically sourced flowers, plants and (more recently) fruit and vegetable essentials boxes. Amazingly, their entire product range can be traced directly to the growers.

Known for their eco-friendly approach, flowers and packaging from all orders can be recycled. For example, even the flower food sachets that accompany bouquets can be recycled!

Growing With Shopify Plus

With the power of Shopify Plus, the streamlined and high-functioning new website simplifies Nova Blooms’ business operations. As such, they have more time to focus on growing their business rather than supporting a bespoke IT system.

Then aesthetically, the new website reflects the natural, environmentally friendly values of the brand. With beautiful floral arrangements and tasty, wholesome vegetable photography, the appeal of the products is clear for consumers to see.

Floral perfection: a snapshot of the new site.

Fabulous Features & Functionality

A new website is more than just upping the visual appeal and reducing time spent on maintenance existence. It’s crucial, particularly in the Covid lockdown-era, to increase your website’s capabilities and functionality to safeguard your business in uncertain times.

With their new Shopify Plus store, Nova Blooms have new inventory and shopping management supported by Linnworks and timely customer emails via Dotdigital. Both tech partners have the brand set-up for customer-friendly shipping and service.

In addition, Nova Blooms have integrated with ReCharge to deliver their subscription service. This is quite a new service offering for the brand and one that has boomed in the Covid era. Covering flowers, fruit and vegetables, the sophisticated and low maintenance new subscription service capitalises on the current retail environment, leaving the brand poised for even greater success.

Browse Nova Blooms

Dig around the Nova Bloom’s new website for yourself here. You’re bound to unearth some gardening treasures!

Have Your Own Project?

If you’ve got a Shopify Plus project and need assistance, do get in touch with blubolt here. We would love to help!

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