Rave Coffee made a splash with a new Shopify Plus site last November and today we’re taking a closer look a the project! Read on for details…

Become a coffee whizz-kid with Rave.

Delivering barista-quality on Shopify Plus.

Already enjoying the power of Shopify Plus, Rave Coffee sought a full redesign using Shopify’s Online Store 2.0. They also wanted an evaluation of their customer journey on the site. “The team’s objective was to achieve high-level UX standards, greater flexibility, and in-house control,” says Ruth Churchman, Account Manager at blubolt. “This, in turn, would increase conversions, and the number of subscriptions and retained customers.”

A freshly roasted design: flexibility and creative freedom with ‘sections everywhere’.

Bespoke beauty: a custom theme design.

The blubolt team delivered a high-energy custom Shopify Plus theme! It reflects Rave’s upbeat tone and commitment to taking customers on a ‘coffee journey’. With the brand’s signature yellow, the team utilised distinctive icons - for example, the graphics for different coffee grinds - to achieve an experience that’s both fun and fast for the user.

Going to town with ‘sections everywhere’.

Building with Shopify’s new Online Store 2.0, the blubolt team unlocked a raft of settings to give Rave Coffee maximum in-house flexibility and creative control. For example on the homepage, blubolt utilised Shopify’s new ‘sections everywhere’. This enables the client to easily customise the page by flipping images and text on banners or changing the icons above text. Similarly, hero banners can be adjusted for triple or split image formats. Rave also has complete control over the ticker banner and the sliders for best-sellers, new arrivals, and reviews. So much customisation without contacting the development team!

This level of internal creative freedom and flexibility is evident throughout the rest of the site. For example on the product landing pages (PLP), Rave can change the icons, headlines and colours with ease. They also have the option to add advert banners among the products to push particular messaging like new arrivals or offers.

Caffeine kick: the new Rave Coffee homepage.

Custom blend: tailored subscriptions with bags of personality.

Rave Coffee considers its subscriptions as a coffee apprenticeship - customers learn more with every cup. As such, blubolt in partnership with reCharge delivered a service that was fun, educational, and approachable!

For example, by following personality-filled icons customers first select their coffee style, before moving onto grind style, duration (if it’s for a gift), delivery date, and bags per delivery. Handily, the pop-up calculator checks how many cups the customer drinks per day and then calculates how many bags are needed! The speedy process concludes with a summary page so customers can check their choices before submitting the order.

Full strength functionality.

blubolt polished the new Rave site with a carefully curated group of tech partners to enhance the already impressive build. As mentioned previously, reCharge delivered subscriptions and then Feefo for customer reviews and Klaviyo for email marketing. To wrap up, Boost Commerce delivers filters, Covet Pics the Instagram feed, and Smart Wishlist for wishlists.

Rave.co.uk: wake up and smell the coffee!

So if you’re looking for Shopify Plus inspiration or simply a great cup of freshly roasted coffee, check out the Rave Coffee site.

Have your own Shopify Plus project?

If you’ve got a Shopify Plus project and need assistance, do get in touch with us. We’d love to help! In the meantime, browse our client work for more Shopify inspiration.

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